Sunday, December 28, 2014

Xmas dress

Hello everyone !

Here is the last dress for 2014 !
Perfect for eating a huge Xmas dinner !
A bit too short. I need to see if I can work on the hem to lenghten it a little.
I'm not going to follow you on Facebook so I'll come and see your creations on your blogs !
A big thank you to Sarah Liz for hosting this meeting and always being kind and supportive. You're a gem !
Happy sewing,



  1. nice shade of blue, I remmebr wehn made my 1st dress that was too short not only did I cut it to short I sewed front & back in 2 different sizes lol! if you have enough of the other color you could make a band at the bottom


  2. Thank you Karine - I need to email you to let you know how to get onto Facebook.

    Your dress is lovely - I love the contrast dolman sleeves :)