Monday, December 1, 2014

November MGAM Done! Workout wear!

Hi everyone! I know I have been a teensy MIA after I cut off part of my thumb but I am slowly getting back to sewing. For November, I challenge myself to sew some workout clothes! It all started when I scored this spandex top at the thrift store. I decided to use it as fabric and make a pair of hot shorts and a sports bra. I used a Jalie pattern. I am really happy with the results as now I have learned to sew with foldover elastic and a twin needle now!
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  1. Wow you definitely have a good excuse for struggling to complete your garment within the month. Im glad to learn you are recovering. Great refashion. There's nothing better than a successful project were you have learnt new skills along the way.

  2. what a great refashion! & to get two garments out of one, that's a win win for sure!


  3. You'll feel like working out in these :)

  4. OUCH! I am phobic about anything to do with fingers.

    Most excellent exercise gear.

  5. So sorry about your thumb. Hope it is healing and you will be better real soon.
    Great workout clothes.