Monday, December 8, 2014

November garment photo

Clothing this time of year needs to be warm here in upstate NY, so when my sewing guild's theme for our Nov. meeting was "cozy" garments, I decided to finally finish a fleece jacket that I started back in 2010 and I actually met the deadline, the only thing that seems to get me to complete projects.

I also decided to use this jacket as my MAGAM entry since it's the only thing I've sewn for myself lately, trying to focus on Christmas gift sewing instead, but that deadline is so far away that I haven't yet done much work on those projects either.

More info on my new jacket on my blog if you are interested.


  1. You should be proud to wear it as it looks warm.

  2. geat job on the jacket! it looks really great!


  3. It does look cozy and warm. Good job!

  4. Very nice jacket.. Will be really warm and cozy.. I so understand the trying to sew Christmas gifts..Not enough hours in the day.ha

  5. Very smart Suzanne - a classic you should get lots of wear from :)