Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Hi all! Chances of me finishing my December garment in December are, uhm, zero! On the other hand, I may be the first one to complete a 2015 Christmass dress. Always look at the bright side of sewing! I just posted pictures of a new Mabel skirt I did finish recently on my blog. For the next year I have lots and lots of sewing plans: coats, jackets, a wedding guest dress and of course high on my list is finishing my French jacket. So many plans, so little time. That's why I won't move to Facebook with you guys. I blog, and I use Instagram. Keeping more social media platforms up to date will cut into my sewing time, which is scarce enough as it is. I will keep a close eye on your blogs and you're more than welcome to follow mine if you want to check what I'm up to. I will miss the community feel of Make a Garment a Month and I thank Sarah Liz for starting and hosting this blog. Wishing you all a very Happy New Sewing Year!


  1. Marianne, I do hope to see your couture-sewn French jacket, please. How's it coming? I understand your leaving, and I don't at all blame you, but please let us see your jacket before you completely go. Maybe someone from here can get your permission to post it on the new facebook page?

    1. Hi Sharon, the French jacket is hibernating! I will pick it up later this month, or in February. It's a summer jacket and right now I'm focusing on winter sewing. I can post a link here when it's finished, or you can send me your e-mail adres (mine can be found on my blog) or you can follow by blog by e-mail, Bloglovin or feedly. If you follow by e-mail you'll get a newsletter for every new post. Whatever suits you most!

  2. Hi Marianne - I quite understand your thoughts here, having the same problem my end - I limit to Blogging and Facebook. Sharon, if you follow Marianne's blog, you will be able to keep up with all she is posting. Mind you, I don't mind if people want to post here at all on an informal basis - that's up to the individual, but I think it would be too much work for most people.

  3. I will keep up with her blog as much as possible. I've gone over from time to time to see how that jacket is coming along. Thank you, SaraLiz

  4. Wonderful - I can't wait to see it finished either :)