Thursday, December 4, 2014

December dress


I've chosen a Burda pattern from the magazine dated sept 2013.

It's an easy one. (at least, it should be !)
I dyed an old thick sheet in blue. The orange fabric used to be white but the colour didn't suit me at all. I think it's nicer in this warmer colour. As it is a blend of cotton and silk, it should drape enough to make these huge sleeves.
Let's see the result soon !

Happy sewing,



  1. what a treat to dye your fabric to the color you want, I've been wanting to try natural dying but time slipped away but still on my to do list when the weather warms back up in a few months, can't wait to see the finished product


  2. Unfortunately, this is not natural dying. That is something I'd like to do but I'm not very good at chemistry !
    I need to do some serious research about it. That would be so much better than chemical products
    Have you got a plan about it ? Any valuable ressources to share ?

    Thanks Helen.

  3. These have dyed beautifully. Unfortunately I don't know how to do natural dying - I played around with all sorts of brews in my teenage years, but nothing much came of that!! There are probably books available.