Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Changes for the New Year, What would you like to see?

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Hello everyone,

This has been a great challenge this year, with so many of you committed to making a garment a month.

This challenge has been running for twelve months now, and much as I would like to keep this blog going, with lots of improvements, I will not be able to next year. as I will need to commit more time to work and study in my off blog life.

I still want us to have a home for this challenge, but one that is a little more low maintenance for me.

I have seen Facebook used for groups with great success, and will set up a group page there if you would like to keep going.  Facebook is great for chatting and communicating   as well.

Would you like to continue on Facebook?

Also, it would be great to work with themes that you want to work with next year, or even sew-a-long monthly themes.  What ideas do you have - because this is your challenge too, and I want it to work for you as much as for me.

Let me know your ideas.

Do post your December garments here, and let me know your thoughts on a Facebook group.

Sarah Liz.


  1. Anything you'd like to do to make it easier for you Sarah Liz, would be fine with me. I'm just grateful you pulled this challenge together as it's given me a chance to not only have 'deadlines' and 'motivation' but to meet other garment sewists from around the world. I haven't been as 'active' these past few months due to other 'life' obligations, but sewing my own clothes is now ingrained and a part of 'who' I am and I cannot imagine not sewing my own clothes. This challenge was a big part of that, and I thank you ever so much. You have been kind and encouraging to us all..... and this new-to-garment-sewer appreciates you very much. So, count me in to whatever you decide for 2015! Facebook is okay with me.

  2. I too appreciate this blog and can understand the time commitment it must take on your part Sarah Liz to maintain. I have enjoyed seeing what everyone sews throughout the year, both our great garments and the disasters (which I've had a few!). I've enjoyed meeting new people and learning from everyone along the way. I would love to still be a part of this group, but sadly, I must be the only person in the world not on Facebook. Is there anything we could do as a collective group to help maintain the site here? Maybe have volunteers to come up with the monthly themes?

  3. I really appreciate all your work, you have done a great job.I have enjoyed this blog very much even if I didn't make each month's garment, I can't imagine how much work it must be. I know my work has been so busy I didn't even think about sewing or even looking at blogs some months. Facebook is a great idea but at the end of the day it is whatever suits you.

  4. Sarah Liz, I really appreciate your work with this blog. I have enjoyed this community immensely. I don't have a Facebook account but I suppose I can always join to continue to participate with this challenge. I'm wondering if you would consider having a few editors to help you out? For example, Refashion Co-op blog has a number of Editors of the day to take care of the posts for each day of the week so that it's not too much work for just one person. Just a thought!

  5. You're done a wonderful job starting up this community, Sarah Liz. As for Facebook, I'm not a big fan. I like to blog, but I'm not keen on having to share new blogs on Twitter, Instagram, flickr, Facebook or other platforms as well. Too time consuming, and I always forget checking. Wouldn't it be possible to let us run this blog by ourselves? We can already post our plans and finished items, and if we make Pages for the monthly roundups we can post there as well. Maybe we can find a volunteer for the themes? (Haha, not me, I'm not known for following rules or making them up ;) Thanks again for all your work!

  6. I've really enjoyed this blog too. The site maintenance must be considerable, along with the time cost. The big advantage with Facebook is that they keep the page up & running and all we have to do is post comments. A special interest group page is open to members only, usually there are one or two moderators who admit people as members. Posting comments and pictures is easier than posting here! An excellent example is the RTW fast organised by Sarah of the "Goodbye Valentino" blog.

    Let's maintain the momentum of this terrific community without all the back room effort being done by Sarah Liz. I think using Facebook is an elegant and workable solution.

  7. Hello everyone,

    Thanks for your thoughts and comments - I'll do a post soon to chat to you all about this :)

  8. Sarah Liz you have done an amazing job maintaining this blog and I have "met" some fabulous people on here (including yourself) because of you. It is a shame to see it go but we all now how hard it can be sometimes to juggle blogs, sewing and life! I agree that Facebook would be a perfect alternative so we can all keep in touch and up to date with each others projects. Plus the monthly theme is an encouragement. But Whatever is best for you to keep our "group" going is fine by me. ANd good look with your study etc :)xx

  9. Sarah Liz, I too appreciate all your work. You did such a great work to maintaining this blog and thank you so much for build this community.
    Facebook will be great for me :)

  10. Like everyone else, I appreciate all you have done this year, Sarah Liz. Ill health and sewing for others has gotten in the way of me participating since the late summer but I've enjoyed seeing everyone else's garments. As for the future of the blog, I'd love for it to continue as it is with perhaps shared administrator responsibilities. I'm not on Facebook and don't want to be so if that's your direction, I will bid you a fond farewell and wish everyone the best.

  11. Thank you Sarah Liz for your dedication to this site. It's been I wonderful ride. I've felt very comfortable here and was hoping to stay planted for a long time. My real lesson for the year has been all good things must change and we move on in other ways. I wish you the best in your studies and plans and future growth. I'm not really a Facebooker, I like the blogging part. If no one is willing to take on the blog in it's current format then I guess I will attempt to grow in the new direction too. Thank you everyone for this inspiring exchange of creativity and motivation.

  12. Sarahliz,
    thank you so much for the wonderful year you provided with MAGAM challenge. I have really enjoyed following along.. and have made lots of friends.
    You did an excellent jog. I wish you the best in your studies/work.
    What ever you decide to do with the blog, I wish you the best, and want you to know , I appreciate this past year and the year before [styling the stash ]. .It has been fun to follow.

  13. I want to echo what others have said SarahLiz! This has been a great blog to share with others and I have made new blogger friends as a result. I can imagine how much time this has taken to keep it up; just keeping my own blog going is a challenge with work and family. I can truly understand why you would not have the time to continue to do this with your study time and family life. I go on Facebook some and if that works for everyone then I will be glad to participate. I want to thank you for creating and managing this blog and keeping it going.

  14. I'm at FB almost daily (keeping up with children over 1,000 miles away) so one more sewing FB page/group won't hurt, LOL. Meanwhile, yes, thank you, Lady Sarah for the time, effort, and thought you have put into MAGAM. As others have stated cyber sewing friends have been forged here thanks to you.

    Themes kind of have me feeling some kind of way because of lack of funds. I am sewing to fill a need, fill out my vintage wardrobe. That may not fit in with a theme (unless I am missing something). I have thoroughly enjoyed the freedom to simply "sew" for the sake of sewing versus making something to fit into someone's theme that I probably would not wear.

    Truly, there is always more than one way to look at a matter. Hopefully I have missed a point because I would love to continue MAGAMing with you gals, but with items I need and will actually wear.



  15. Hello Judy, Lyric , Dawn, Hana, Linda and Maureen,

    It's great to get everyone's feedback, and I'll work with you all about keeping themes flexible so we can all make what we need according to our budgets of time and/or money. I'll organise Facebook between Xmas and New Year and get in touch with you all to get you on the page.

  16. I'm late to the party but I think Facebook would be fine for me. It would make it easier for me to share my finished garments.