Thursday, November 27, 2014

The not too pricey November outfit

Hello !

I've just finished my outfit for the month.
The top is made of the fabric coming from a big skirt (forgot to take a "before" picture).
The skirt comes from a dress (that I bought 15 years ago.).
I lined it with a recycled bedsheet.
I bought a brand-new zipper though !
Both patterns are Lutterloh's.
I think the skirt will be very useful since I'll be able to wear it with most of my printed tops.

Happy sewing to everyone !



  1. Nice remakes from other garments!

  2. That is truly a skill - An entire outfit and you only bought a zipper :)You can never go wrong with a khaki skirt.

  3. Such a sense of achievement making one garment from another. I love your top and khaki skirt. Well done.

  4. Turning an unworn garment into a worn one - a great idea - very pretty and very you :)