Friday, November 7, 2014

Slip into something more comfortable > November Nights

                     New Look 6072 . Deviating from flannel. I might even wear it out.
                          Dug down deep into the stash to come up with this. 
                     I'm having a good laugh because I have zero recollection of this camel piece.


  1. Nice waterfall jacket, should look good in the camel. Will the lovely dragons figure in there somewhere?

    1. Well now that you mentioned it............I was going to make the kimono not the waterfall, but that camel looks just awful next to my skin , so change of plans. I will have to wallow through my stash again and come up with something else for the contrast. Ugh. I must have bought it for a coat lining.

  2. That's what stashes are for, lol :)