Sunday, November 2, 2014

October Garment completed

I started another top that was a blue gray knit that was rather heavy for the pattern I used and it became a wadder!

I then moved on to McCall's 6964, a basic knit top.

This is Palmer/Pletsch pattern with lots of helpful fitting instructions.  I read through the instructions before starting the project.  I did not really refer to them after this as if you have made a simple knit top then you pretty much sew on autopilot.

I had to make several adjustments including swayback, FBA, forward shoulder, and length adjustments.  I ended up removing an inch from the back through the waistline area, then trued this up and added to the side seam.

Here are a few shots of the completed top.  The bodice fabric is from EmmaOneSock and the black is somewhat of burnout knit that I think I purchased from


  1. Lovely top, print looks really good contrasted with the black fabric

  2. Very attractive top. Gorgeous print and the black sets it off beautifully. .

  3. What a fabulous print for that top. Looks great :)x

  4. What a wonderful print and the right pattern!

  5. Well, I can't add anything but what a wonderful print, pattern and top.

    Must be the month for wadders, there are a few of us that have had them recently :)

    1. We do get those wadders ever so often! I try to take it as a learning opportunity!