Wednesday, November 26, 2014

November Challenge Done and Dusted!

Go me... this was actually finished about 10 days ago! But in typical Dawn-style, it took ages to get around to doing the photos! I confess I kind of rushed to get this finished as we are away on holiday atm, and I so wanted to get it done in time so I could bring it with me.

This is McCalls 7026 View C but without the shaped hem at the back. I sort of cut it off on the pattern by mistake.... oopps! You can read more about this top and see photos of the matching skirt that I also made, on My Blog HERE

Happy Sewing Everyone and Happy Thanksgiving to all our American MAGAM Bloggers :)

See you all in December
Dawn :)x


  1. That jacket is nice and I love the lace detailing. I'm glad you decided to make them with cuffs..Who doesn't want cuffs:)

    1. Thanks Lillian! Totally agree on the cufs... love them! :)x

  2. Sounds like you had a few trials with this but look how awesome it turned out. Aren't ya happy when things work and you love it?!

  3. I love the cuffs - how warm :).

    A really gorgeous make.