Sunday, November 30, 2014

McCall's 6796 November Garment of the Month

I have been on a "staycation" and got quite a few things sewn, including my originally plan garment of the month.  I used fabric that was about a year old and purchased from EmmaOneSock.  Because of the design of the fabric, I used a single layer layout for cutting out the front and back.

I was happy that my pattern layout worked and have side seams align with the pattern design.  I chose to put the floral part of the fabric at the bottom with the intent of having less side seam alignment .
Here is a shot of the side seam when I was in the work in progress phase.
And here is the final garment on a hanger.  I am not photo ready this morning to take final shots of the finished garment.  

Next up????????- something a little more challenging that the recent tops I made which you can read about here.


  1. Love the tunic. The fabric looks great too.

  2. Everything lined up so nice! Looks like a keeper. I could sure use one in my wardrobe!

    1. I am pleased with how this lined up!