Thursday, November 27, 2014

MC 5989 November Edition 11.26.2014

This was a very simple garment to make
took me 3 hours total.I love the length. Nothing I enjoy more than extra long pants..My grey and white bootie-socks are amazing.

Not sure If I will keep the pants though or trash them. I accidentally serged through them and created 2 holes.


 I was supposed to make this in an african print but did not want to spare any and I am happy that I did not.

Errors :I managed to serge holes in my pants..Only 2 holes one in the front and one in the lower back :/

Seam Finishings:

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  1. They are so cute and cozy- don't trash'em. Patch them up or put a pocket over the hole - depending where it is of course. It would be a shame to see your hard work go to waste.

  2. Keep them! Its only Jimjams, not like ur gonna wear them out or anything. You could put some vilene on the inside and patch them up. Too nice to ditch x

  3. repair them best you can & use them for lounging around the hosue or pj's would they still fit if you brought the seam allowance to where the tear is?


  4. Thank you ladies. I will put a patch over them.
    XOXO LC!