Friday, October 31, 2014

September MAGAM Done!

Well I finally finished my September garment, but I have a good reason for being late. In September I cut off the corner of my thumb using a mandolin slicer. I desperately tried to save it and have it not get infected so I would have some sort of a chance. Good news is we have growth and I am able to sew again. I am so excited. Now I finished the dress I had planned on finishing in September.

I used McCall's 6700. I cut a size under. And it fit great! And as an added bonus, while still trying to get my fine motor skills back with my hand this dress is a savior. More information on my blog here.



  1. Poor you! I'm so pleased your thumb will be OK and you were able to finish such a nice dress. Good work.

  2. What a nuisance - it's so hard doing anything with a chopped thumb. I am sure with time it will heal very well - I've done a similar thing in the past, and regeneration did happen, so I hope it does with you too. Glad you are on the road to recovery and back sewing - a lovely dress too :)

  3. OUCH!

    I'm phobic about anything to do with hands!

  4. Ouch!!! Glad you recovered and were able to start sewing. What a cute dress!