Wednesday, October 1, 2014

(Over)ambitious October plans

When I read the October theme, carefully thought out by Sarah Liz, I smiled. Yes, yes and yes!
The tenth month. Perfect for making a garment that counts as ten, considering the hours of hand stitching that will be involved. Lots of colour? Check! Make a garment that really shines on you? One can only hope for that outcome!

I started working on a French cardigan jacket, using classic couture techniques. The fashion fabric is a loosely woven cotton boucle, the lining is a printed silk mix. I'm following the guidelines from Claire Shaeffer's book The couture cardigan jacket and Susan Khalje's methods as described in Threads articles and by various bloggers. To create a soft tailored jacket the lining will be quilted to the boucle and apart from some silk organza at the shoulders no interfacing will be used. I'll document the 100+ hours process on Foxgloves and Thimbles in a series of posts. 
Maybe it will be my October and November project, we'll see!


  1. That is definitely ambitious! Good luck. I look forward to seeing the finished garment. The fabrics are beautiful.

  2. That's how we learn and grow. I'm behind you on this one and will be watching. Kinda exciting, isn't it?



    P.S. Yes, Barbara, the fabrics are truly fab!

  3. That will be a beautiful jacket. I made a faux Chanel jacket a couple of years ago and even without the couture techniques I am very proud of it. Maybe I will do another "proper" one, one day :) I will be watching your progress with enjoyment.

  4. You have chosen beautiful fabrics for your jacket. I can not wait to see the finished project. Good luck!

  5. Thanks all! I'm basting and stitching right now but I'm taking my time!

  6. Marianne, I could be jealous of your gorgeous colouring and this fabric choice that will so complement it - I could be, but I am not:). I can't wait to see this on you, I think it will be stunning.