Thursday, October 23, 2014

Accordion is not shining.

I intended to make a wrap dress for September. I'll work through that experience in a future blog. Right now I'll stop at saying it is awful. A long way from seventh heaven!

For October I wanted to finish the wrap dress and shine by making some shorts. You can see how they worked out on the blog. Lovely fabric but I stuffed up the grainline in one and the sizing in the other. I eventually worked out how to make them wearable.

Here's the problem:
I re-drafted the Style Arc Barb pants pattern into shorts. I didn't account for this fabric being less stretchy. Just too small. I am losing weight - too slowly to fit into these before summer 2015/16.

It took several cups of strong tea to process this mistake. I blogged it, processed the pain, was given some excellent advice and sympathy. I concurred with the most excellent suggestions and thunk up a fix. A fix that included pockets. I do like pockets.

Here's the fix, a spacious panel inserted into the side seam. Much better!

Now I can move in them! The fabric is a really lovely medium weight stretch gaberdine. It was a very large offcut and came from a sewing friend. Sadly this is not the end of my ineptitude. Once I'd hemmed the shorts the pockets became a lot shallower. Plus I'd made the panel a bit to narrow - sensing a theme here? The pocket is large enough for a credit card, a lot smaller than the mobile phone size I'd imagined. More details and photos on the blog.

I will make more of these. They suit me and my life. They will have better pockets and I will check the stretchiness of the fabric - before cutting - and adjust accordingly. 

Bring on November! 

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  1. I'm glad you found a fix!
    I ordered a StyleArc pattern which came with a teensy sample of bengaline (I think) as a suggested fabric. A nice fabric. I might have to order some from Australia!
    I enjoyed reading your blog. I'm afraid I use way too many parentheses.

    1. Smiles & chuckles here (at the brackets comment, not at you!) I think the most useful writing advice is to know your readers & write for them.

      The bengaline we get here is terrific. It is very stretchy for a woven so must have a high synthetic content. I'm intrigued to see how I handle our heat with bengaline pants.

  2. I love these - I think we all have bad sewing runs from time to time. I know I do - my Barcode skirt, for instance, I think I cut upside down - some of the numbers are the right way up, but most aren't! Ah well, study affects the sewing brain I think :)

    1. Thanks! I wrote a reply on my blog about bikes and stuff, too long to reproduce here.

      My focus and competency has narrowed as I study more. Amazing what simple stuff you can miss. Like grainlines.

  3. Wrap dress . . . .oh my sewing sister you should seriously consider sewing along with us. Check this out



    1. I'll watch with interest. Back flaps would not suit me. I'd be forever pulling & tugging to keep them in place. Possibly it is just that I am so used to pants that any dress is uncomfortable.

  4. What a great turned this around and a wonderful save!