Friday, October 31, 2014

2 tops for October

 Top number 1

This is a precious fabric for me, since it used to be my Grandmother's curtains. A long time ago (at least 50 years), when curtains were made of natural fabrics. A truly vintage fabric indeed ! I only could save a small part due to faded colours and humidity stains.
To say the truth, I also have the coordinated bedcover, in far better condition, but I'm saving it for my daughter !
I just had enough fabric for this little top and to make bias instead of facings.

Top number 2

I used a leftover from a dress I made a few months ago. The reason why I chose this one is because the pattern has side panels and you can't see it on the 1st top since it's lost in the print.
There are subtle stripes on this one. The front and back panels are cut with vertical stripes, and the side panels with horizontal ones. But it is far from obvious as you can (not) see !
The bias should have been sewn on the wrong side, but I made a mistake and kept it this way eventually !


-The interest of the pattern (Lutterloh from the 60s) is in the side panels and they are not seen. Maybe using 2 different colours/fabrics would give an interesting result.
-I wanted to make a white top this month and got distracted from my aim !
- Apart from that, I'm pretty pleased !

Happy sewing to everyone !


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  1. What a beautiful story to go with a beautiful top. Both are lovely, so one day the white :)