Sunday, September 14, 2014

September Plans

Hello ladies,
For this month I am going to make a dress with back cut-out based on Burdastyle Pattern 08/2014 size 34. And for the fabric, I will be using printed silk satin that my mom gave me some month ago.
Originally the dress has high-low style. But as I am not so much fun of high-low in this moment, I will try to adjust the pattern to the normal hem. We will see..
Image source from Burdastyle

Happy sewing!


  1. That fabric is gorgeous - do you plan to use the border at the hem line?

    1. Thanks, SarahLiz. Yes, I am planning to use the border at the hem line. I think the border is the nicest part of the fabric :)

  2. That fabric is so beautiful I love the colours. Not a fan of high-low skirts myself , the straight border will look lovely.

  3. I agree, the dress will look very cute with the border hem :-)

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  5. What an unusual fabric! The dress will definitely be very unique looking! Looking forward to seeing the final result.

  6. Hana,this is going to be beautiful.. Cant wait to see it. Happy sewing