Saturday, August 2, 2014

Tasha's Wadder Woes - July Garment

Hello All, 

I hope that you are enjoying your Summer!
I have been having a great time in London, but not with my sewing machine unfortunately. 
After battling with Butterick 5949, I have given up and decided to call it a day with this dress :-(

Although there isn't anything particularly hard about this dress I have had to do lots of alterations from the beginning and everything just didn't really work out. As I have come so far I will put it in my sewing basket and maybe come back to it in a couple of weeks after a break. 

Hopefully I will have a finished garment for August. No doubt it will be something easy and maybe a TNT pattern to get my spirits up after spending so much time on the dress above.

Happy sewing


  1. I hope you do finish the dress eventually, after a little rest from it!, I think it looks really nice.

  2. Maybe you can come back to it with renewed eyes. It is a nice dress. I just repeated everything Jolanda said, didn't I. Good thought, Jolanda! :-)

  3. That is such a beautiful color and the lines on the dress (at least on the drawing) are so flattering. I will echo the other commenters and say I hope you can come back to it with fresh eyes and fresh enthusiasm after a break.

  4. I hope you do come back to it the dress looks worth persevering with its a lovely colour and looks as it it will be very flattering style. You are wise to put it down for a few weeks though until you feel recharged to have another go

  5. Sorry you have had so much trouble with the dress. So frustrating, isn't it? Agree with the others...maybe after a rest from it, you will be able to come back and finish it.. Happy sewing with your tnt August project.

  6. Some patterns are like that, and then the emotions are not positive - the dress looks nice on the form, so I think your strategy of waiting for a while and doing something else to recharge was a good one.