Friday, August 15, 2014

I need help and advice!

I still haven't posted my July make - a raglan sleeved lined jacket - which is finished bar stitching on 3 fasteners. I've put an interim post on my blog and hope to get a photo up over the weekend.

I've finished a modified version C - well,  all but ..

I don't know what to do for August! I need a quick make but with my fitting issues, there's no such thing.

Do I finish some of my works in progress? Again, see my blog here. Problem is, I'm drafting a blog post which will show why this just won't work! I don't think the trousers or skirt will work for August.

Advice, please!!

One thing I wondered about is replacing the front panel on a princess seamed lined dress - see PR review here and photos below (my hair is a lot shorter now).  These were taken indoors in February.


This was the evening look

 This was the day-time look

What the review doesn't say is that down the front panel is the fold line from where the fabric was folded for many years - and I have tried everything but everything to get rid of it but there is still a shadow there. I did launder first but didn't appreciate that the fold line might stay there forever! Others may not see it - but I know it's there and I can't live with it! I was going to throw the dress out, salvaging the invisible zipper. However, I do have a fair bit of the fabric left and think there is enough to replace the front panel, though I've yet to try. I know it won't be easy. Would this be an appropriate MAGAM stash bust?

Less appropriate would be the alteration that is needed to my summer winter street dress - it has grown in length and the waist is now too low and the skirt length far too long. I need to alter it if I'm going to get any more wear out of it.
Any advice appreciated!!
Thanks in advance
Anne x


  1. Your dress looks beautiful. It would be a pity to throw it away. I vote for fixing your dress so you love it

  2. I agree! I'd have a go at trying to fix it. The lining might make it a bit tricky but nothing ventured nothing gained, especially if you were going to throw it away. I think it looks beautiful and I love the way you styled it.

  3. Thank you. I have unpicked the front panel. I'm a bit scared but there's really nothing to lose. I'll just finish these preparations for our county AGM ....

  4. I say do what is THE simplest things to do; get caught up; and then keep it moving. It's all about KISS in my book.

    1. Thanks. I'm not sure what KISS means but I understand the sentiment.

  5. Glad to see that you will finish the dress! It is a lovely shape and colour for you.

  6. Anne, rules around here are a little elastic, so please raid the stash and put the front panel in. And take your time. If it doesn't work, then you will have learnt something.

    Sometimes when I have a fold line through a piece of fabric, I get creative - a piece of braid down it, some embroidery. Or even a seam. But that has to be done before the panel is inserted of course. Just an idea for next time.

  7. Thank you, Sarah Liz. Your suggestions are good, for next time. I wasn't at all proactive as I assumed the crease would press out. I'll have a go.

  8. Karen left a post on my blog about using white vinegar to remove (or make) a crease as she'd done this successfully. I replied - Thank you, Karen. No, I didn't try vinegar, I didn't come across that one. I've taken the panel out now but I'll try this to see if it would've worked. Come to think of it, of it does work I could just sew panel back in! Off to get some white vinegar!