Sunday, August 3, 2014

Catching up with y'all

MAGAM is the best blog to read when you're away from home. This blog has helped me get my sewing mojo back. So since my last MAGAM post, here's what I've completed.

Lolita patterns Olive top in a liberty type print.

This was my original Olive version.

I made a tee from Tessuti's Anita tee and wore it in the UK at Minerva Crafts meetup.
I made a bunch of Anita tee variations. Sam and I were fabric shopping in this pic.

Vogue 8732 was my way of hoping to not freeze so much in the winter.

August is looking good.
I'll reveal McCalls 6657 later this week and the tech notes are here.

Keep sewing ladies.


  1. Your garments are always amazing, Maria. Your output is too, especially considering all the traveling you've done. Looking forward to the coat reveal :)

  2. I've done that coat pattern - and blogged about it - it turned out really well!, looking forward to seeing your's!

  3. Yes, you keep the machine humming. These are wonderful! That green is smashing!

  4. I agree with Barbara - your catch up session is awe inspiring :).

  5. Enjoyed your catch up..Lots of pretty garments.