Saturday, August 30, 2014


Hello everyone !

Here is my contribution for August : a simple pencil skirt. I fell in love with the fabric. We can't see it properly in the picture, but there are little pink and red flowers on a light and dark grey background. I wonder if it's a Liberty print. And it's corduroy. I love corduroy, don't you ?
It is lined with a recyled pink bedsheet, which is thin so perfect for this use.

As for the top, I cut what used to be a maternity dress.

I also made the rug !

Annoying things :
-I sprained my ankle last week :-(
-I haven't been able to leave a message on your posts lately. There's probably something wrong with my google account and it drives me mad to write things just to see them vanish as soon as I want to publish them.
As you see, there are a couple of things that need some fixing !

In the meantime, Happy Sewing !



  1. I have noticed a few people having problems with google - I can't get on to some blogs, except via other people's blogs - very annoying.

    What a week you have had.

    This is such a pretty skirt Karine - I love floral corduroy. The rug is wonderful, I am curious as to how you made it.

    1. Thanks Sarah Liz!
      I recycled my former rug which wasn't looking good after many years of duty. I recovered it with a thick uphostery fabric. It is sewn at the back, using bias to avoid fraying. Then I added a few daisies !

  2. Thinking of you!

    The skirt is lovely and rug is cool

  3. Ouch! Cute skirt. I've found that lots of times when I leave a comment from Bloglovin on a Google blog, it vanishes. Aargghh....

  4. Love your whole outfit! Great idea lining the skirt with an old sheet. Hope your ankle heals quickly.

  5. Karine, girl, please take care of you!