Sunday, August 10, 2014

August Garment Of The Month

My August garment of the month will be a dress. I know I will be using black fabric and possibly another black fabric with design. I am still contemplating which dress pattern I will choose. My pattern stash overflows with dress patterns thus giving me a lot of choices, as well as perhaps, too many choices to make.

I recently ordered through Club BMV several new to me dress patterns. These are the three I'm considering for now: V9017, V9024, M6988.   The invite to the class reunion describes dress attire as casual, business. These may be too dressy and perhaps something else would be more appropriate. I think you can amp up these dresses or make them a little more casual depending on the shoes and accessories.

More later.


  1. Like all of your pattern choices..Look forward to seeing what you choose.

  2. I agree,sometimes too much choice is a good thing :). At least we will never run out of things to make!