Sunday, August 31, 2014

Super Simple Stashbusting Tee

Just under the wire, here's my stash-buster for August. This is #108 from the September, 2011 issue of Burdastyle magazine. Burda calls this a kimono sleeve tee, but in my world, these are dolmans.

I finished this top in a mad dash before a recent trip to Oregon. I had found the large-print cotton jersey at Backstitch in Nevada City. Backstitch is the source of most of my knit stash. I thought this pattern would be a good match for the fabric - just a front and a back, nothing to break up those giant blue flowers.

I recommend the pattern if you're in the market for a super quick long-sleeve knit top.

More on my blog, if you're interested!

My pattern review is on here.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

A New Dress; a new blog, Yay!

A new dress and a new website.  After a serious blog hopping experience last week I decided me and mine could do better than "Sew Cro and Quilt".  We won't even talk about how folk assumed it was "crow"; duh.  I ran into Oonapaloona's blog and went wowsers (her talents blogging AND oh yeah sewing) and I realized I did not have to play it so safe with my blog name thus the change.  No, it's not as cool as "Oonapaloona at Kalkatroona"; but I like it.  Yeah, I'm starting over getting Bloglovin' followers, but hey - all things in due time.

Yet, I digress.  I completed this month's challenge on time . . . a yay for me.  This sewist needs a dressform for real.  Know anyone wanting to donate?  LOL.

Sew Lyrically Vintage on Facebook

Now I'm off to see what you gals did this month.  ;-)



P.S.  I said I would wear the dress 10/5; so here it is with more on my blog:


September's Sewing Theme.

Hello everyone,

I've finally worked out the September theme, which took a little bit of sideways thinking.  September is one of those months where the word September doesn't have an inspirational etymology that serves as a source of theme ideas.

September stands for the seventh month - and when Augustus Caesar decided to change the calender (for reasons I haven't traced ) he moved it to the ninth month position.  So far not much inspiration.

But September/seven also seems to stand for lots of beginnings - the start of ecclesiastical years, academic years in the northern hemispheres, harvest months in other traditions.  And, it has links with another concept - seven is often considered lucky, as in seventh heaven,

That gave me something to work with.  We are all entering a new season, a new fashion beginning for sewing.  We are also very lucky ladies in that we live very blessed lives - I can't help but think sadly about all our unfortunate sisters in parts of the world where they are suffering under great hardship with very unstable conditions and brutality around them. While I tend to stick to sewing in my blog world - it's an upbeat space away from other sides of life - I do think we should all count our blessings when planning our sewing this month. We are all very privileged.

So let's start planning our fall/winter or spring/summer wardrobes (depending on where you live).  And make the first garment towards that this month.

Take care everyone,

Sarah Liz :)


Hello everyone !

Here is my contribution for August : a simple pencil skirt. I fell in love with the fabric. We can't see it properly in the picture, but there are little pink and red flowers on a light and dark grey background. I wonder if it's a Liberty print. And it's corduroy. I love corduroy, don't you ?
It is lined with a recyled pink bedsheet, which is thin so perfect for this use.

As for the top, I cut what used to be a maternity dress.

I also made the rug !

Annoying things :
-I sprained my ankle last week :-(
-I haven't been able to leave a message on your posts lately. There's probably something wrong with my google account and it drives me mad to write things just to see them vanish as soon as I want to publish them.
As you see, there are a couple of things that need some fixing !

In the meantime, Happy Sewing !


Friday, August 29, 2014

Substitute July garment

Here's my long overdue summer dress. If you want to read what happened to my July plans, you can find the wadder report over here. So, if this I my July Garment of the Month, I still need to come up with August plans! Let's see if I can rescue some of the beautiful fabric I wasted by pairing it with the wrong pattern. To be continued!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

August MAGAM Complete!

Pattern: Simplicity 4014 dress and jacket in lavender micro faille polyester blend from Fabric Mart.

August project finished in the nick of time!

So my August project is finished! This is the pattern I was going to use for my July MAGAM but then changed my mind last minute. I was still keen to get this pattern made up before summer was finally out though, so I didn't go with the stash buster theme of this month but more of a pattern buster!
Here is my interpretation of Butterick 5747

For more photos and info, please feel free to stop by My Blog where you can also find the link to my Sewing Pattern Review.

Happy Sewing everyone! See you all back here for Sarah-Liz's September plans for us :)
Dawn x

Lisa's August plans complete
copying a rtw peasant skirt

My August plans to copy a favorite rtw peasant skirt are complete with a new outfit pairing NEWLOOK 6108 skirt pattern to another (my 4th!) modified Kirsten Kimono Tee.
My inspiration(s)... the favored rtw peasant skirt....
...and photo for stripe placement....
How do you think I did?  More info at my blog.
Happy Sewing All!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Jeans to a dress

I used Vogue 8993 for the bodice. But I turned a pair of large jeans into a dress.

More info here!


August stash garment

This jacket is so old that I don't remember when I first started making it, but am pretty sure the fabric came from the flat fold table at a Woolworth's store! Since I've not only been trying to use up fabric from my stash but also get things out of my UFO box, I thought this was the perfect time to finish it and I'm glad I finally did! A bit more info on my blog

Monday, August 25, 2014

August MAGAM Challenge Project Finished!

I am late posting my August challenge plans so linking posts for August garment plan and finished project here and here.  Reviewed here.

August plan...

And the finished project...

I might be looking at making the bolero from this same pattern for September.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

August bow top done!

I can't tell you how much I love this top. The pattern is big so I cut small helped a lot. I want to make more of this top in other colors!

More info on my blog here.


Tasha's August Garment!


After my last wadder here I went with a pattern that I have made previously and wouldn't take too long to whip up, especially as I have had 2 work trips this month. This is New Look 6049 - more details on my BLOG.

Happy Sewing!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Lovenicky's August Project Completed - Back to School Boys' Trousers

I finished my August project last week. I used stash fabrics and a stash pattern. My son has actually worn his back to school trousers already (see grass stains in the knee area). The pant legs are a bit wide even after I have trimmed it. You can see my reason for the 'additional design detail' on my blog.

August Tops

Here's my August project:

This is 1 of the 4 tops I made for the PatternReview "TNT Tee" contest. I used Vogue 1261. You can see the rest of the tops here:  bjsewmuchmore - tee shirts

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


I haven't had time to really get into my sewing like I'd like too, but hopefully soon!I'm slowly but surely losing a little weight, that's another post, another time lol! anyways I took a skirt that I'd made two years ago that now claps around me like  a bell although I looked like  the bell & clapper all in one in the before picture lol! oh sorry back to the skirt lol! I pulled out a new pattern that I'd bought  a while back, took my skirt apart stitch by stitch, not knowing how many inches  I'd need  for my new size, took a deep breath & cut! whew! looking how wide the skirt "was" & how narrow the pattern  looked was kinda scary! but I went for it! taa daa!
 you can read more about my scary skirt adventure here

Monday, August 18, 2014

A New TNT Sew-N-Go pattern

Last week I made up my August planned garment (sometimes I make more than one garment in a month, and sometimes I struggle to finish one).  This was a simple top to make, no fasteners and no fitting. I see a few more of these in my sewing future...

For more info visit my blog : Click Here

August Plan for MAGAM

Hello everyone,

This month I will attempt to complete a simple A-line skirt in red twill.

Hopefully soon there will be some finished pictures to show you!!

Bye for now

Jolanda x

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Late plans for August

This was the pattern I was originally going to use for my July Magam project and changed my mind last minute! So for the first time since joining this challenge I haven't gone along with the theme. Simply because if I dont make this patten this month it's going to get pushed to one side once summer is over! So I'm using it now to make myself a little sailor dress instead...

I'm making view B with the straight skirt.

Happy Sewing Sewers! 

August garment finished

Once again I have made cropped trousers using pattern Butterick B5614.  This time adding buttons to stress points at hem and on pockets as per Sarah Liz's tip  Thank you Sarah.

You can see more pics on my blog

Happy sewing

July jacket is finally finished

Well, I finally finished the jacket I was making in July. It was finished in July except for the fasteners which caused me some difficulty - see my blog.

Excuse the photos and my facial expressions - they were photographed outdoors and it is very windy today. It really feels like autumn already and I actually felt I needed the jacket today. I really didn't want to wait as I wanted this jacket finished and off my sewing to do list.

I have reviewed on Pattern review -  link here

Friday, August 15, 2014

DJ's July Project Finished

Hello SewFam!

It has taken me forever to get this posted.  It's been made and sitting on Mannequesha for weeks. Check out my blog for more information on the project.


I need help and advice!

I still haven't posted my July make - a raglan sleeved lined jacket - which is finished bar stitching on 3 fasteners. I've put an interim post on my blog and hope to get a photo up over the weekend.

I've finished a modified version C - well,  all but ..

I don't know what to do for August! I need a quick make but with my fitting issues, there's no such thing.

Do I finish some of my works in progress? Again, see my blog here. Problem is, I'm drafting a blog post which will show why this just won't work! I don't think the trousers or skirt will work for August.

Advice, please!!

One thing I wondered about is replacing the front panel on a princess seamed lined dress - see PR review here and photos below (my hair is a lot shorter now).  These were taken indoors in February.


This was the evening look

 This was the day-time look

What the review doesn't say is that down the front panel is the fold line from where the fabric was folded for many years - and I have tried everything but everything to get rid of it but there is still a shadow there. I did launder first but didn't appreciate that the fold line might stay there forever! Others may not see it - but I know it's there and I can't live with it! I was going to throw the dress out, salvaging the invisible zipper. However, I do have a fair bit of the fabric left and think there is enough to replace the front panel, though I've yet to try. I know it won't be easy. Would this be an appropriate MAGAM stash bust?

Less appropriate would be the alteration that is needed to my summer winter street dress - it has grown in length and the waist is now too low and the skirt length far too long. I need to alter it if I'm going to get any more wear out of it.
Any advice appreciated!!
Thanks in advance
Anne x

Lovenicky's August Plan - Back to School sewing

I'll not be sewing for myself for this entry. I hope that's okay! I'm going to embark on some Back To School sewing. My kids have grown a little and now their pants are all too short. I have accumulated lots of Kids sewing patterns from my local Thrift Store so I'll be using those. As well, I'm sure I have lots of fabrics in my stash that would be suitable for kids' pants. So this will be a stash pattern/stash fabrics project.

Here is what I dug out: McCall's 5222 and Polyester/Cotton blend twill in 2 different colours.

You can follow my August sewing journey on my Blog.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

July Project finished and photographed

Phew, how manic is life for me at the moment?! I joined this challenge because finding time to sew in July and August is very limited due to my work. And it's succeeded in pushing me to not just start a project at my busiest time but also finish it too. I successfully finished my July Project just before we said goodbye to the month but it has however taken a further 2 weeks to get some photos!

My original plan was to make BUTTERICK 5747 with this fabric, but I had a last minute change of plan and swapped the Pattern to SIMPLICITY 1418.

You can read all about this project on My Blog where you will also find the link to my Sewing Pattern Review.

Happy Sewing All! 
Dawn :)

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Chambray Shirt

 My make for August is a shirt using a light chambray from my stash. I'm going to use McCall's 6436. I've been wanting to use this pattern for a while and I need a few shirts so i'm hoping this pattern will be made a few times.
The fabric is quite a light colour but the photo makes it look dark. I haven't made a shirt like this for a long time so it will be a bit of a challenge.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014


When I posted my garments for May June and July I didn't put a pic in for July.  My wish for July was a navy cardigan to replace my very very old one which has seen better days. I made Style Arc Simone and I just love it.
If you'd like to find out more you're welcome to visit my blog.

Monday, August 11, 2014

August Garment Plan

After sewing up a storm in July, I took a week off of sewing -- but can't stay away too long!

Here's my plan for my August sewing: this Simplicity dress -- my best friend saw this pattern, thought it looked like my style, and mailed it to me, so of course I have to make it up! I even have the perfect fabric for it, a sheet that has been in my stash for a while now, though it is so light I'll have to add a lining.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

August garment plans.

In line with the theme this month (which is not something you have to do, it's really sew whatever garment you want each month on this blog), I decided to raid my stash - fabric and pattern both came from it.

I've wanted to make the black top every since I saw the pattern, so now I am going to :).  It''s actually a dress, but I am going to make the bodice into a top. 

Good luck everyone with your August sewing,

Sarah Liz

July Magam Garment --Late posting!!- Simplicity 5942

Simplicity 5942 - Vintage Pattern
My  July MAGAM challenge..I completed this the
last week of July.. Just could not get it posted.
More details on my blog, check it out.
                                     Note: Click on photo to enlarge..It will show a closer up view.

August Garment Of The Month

My August garment of the month will be a dress. I know I will be using black fabric and possibly another black fabric with design. I am still contemplating which dress pattern I will choose. My pattern stash overflows with dress patterns thus giving me a lot of choices, as well as perhaps, too many choices to make.

I recently ordered through Club BMV several new to me dress patterns. These are the three I'm considering for now: V9017, V9024, M6988.   The invite to the class reunion describes dress attire as casual, business. These may be too dressy and perhaps something else would be more appropriate. I think you can amp up these dresses or make them a little more casual depending on the shoes and accessories.

More later.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

August MAGAM Done!

I've finished early this month!  New Look 6762 skirt and top is done!

More views and details on my blog.

Happy Sewing everyone!

Star's Threads

Lauren's August Plans

My august plan is to sew this bow tank top using McCall's 6628

I scored this awesome bright pink knit from G street fabrics here in D.C. in the $2.97 area. It is awesome! More information here.


Friday, August 8, 2014

July Dress Complete, Inspired by Ms. Frizzle...Also August Plans

I did it!  Completed my July garment.  I had it done in July but, to be honest, I have been a tad behind on blogging.   Without further adieu, my July make:

This is my favorite dress pattern: Simplicity 2444.  It is easy and oh-so flattering.  As a university science professor, this dress will definitely turn heads!  You can read more about it at The Enantiomer Project.

And because I am behind on blogging, I have included my August plans too!  I plan on making the By Hand London's Anna dress in some fabric that I have stashed away.  Stay tuned!  

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Coco's August Plan - A Playsuit!

A fun and kind of challenging project for August - a playsuit jumpsuit - I'll be doing it long, not short! More on Coco's Loft.   Ciao! Coco

May, June and July

I have been away for a few weeks overseas, but I'm all caught up now. May and June were completed before we left and July finished when I got home


Details may be found on my blog.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Catching up with y'all

MAGAM is the best blog to read when you're away from home. This blog has helped me get my sewing mojo back. So since my last MAGAM post, here's what I've completed.

Lolita patterns Olive top in a liberty type print.

This was my original Olive version.

I made a tee from Tessuti's Anita tee and wore it in the UK at Minerva Crafts meetup.
I made a bunch of Anita tee variations. Sam and I were fabric shopping in this pic.

Vogue 8732 was my way of hoping to not freeze so much in the winter.

August is looking good.
I'll reveal McCalls 6657 later this week and the tech notes are here.

Keep sewing ladies.

My August Make

For my August make I'm making a second pair of cropped trousers this time in blue cotton.  

Happy sewing.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

August Project Determined

I'm so excited about the August Stash Bush theme that I'm going to make it a twofer!

A skirt and a top - out of NewLook 6762.  Just a few more details on my blog.

Star's Threads