Saturday, July 19, 2014

Sailor shorts for July

Serendipity : I finished my shorts last week and this afternoon I visited a ship. That was the perfect occasion to take some pictures. Although no sailors seemed to notice my tribute to their uniform, I was very pleased to wear my new shorts, which were very useful to climb the ladders.
The making : firstly, let's talk about the size. I cut a size M according to my measurements, Then, I read Jane's post about the same pattern (look at the buttons she found !) and she said that size M was too big for her. So I decided to start again, cutting size S. And as you can see, this is the right one. So beware if you make them.
Secondly, buttonholes. I've always avoided buttonholes because I'm a coward ! They were so easy to make actually !  Now, I can make this shirt dress I've been wanting for ages !
As for the buttons, I know there is this legend about not putting green and blue together. I don't get it. If someone has an explanation, please share it !
The fabric comes from an old cotton/linen bedsheet dyed in blue. It behaves pretty well : no ironing needed.
I'm very happy with my new shorts !

Happy sewing,



  1. They are gorgeous - and the lime green buttons look great - give a nice zing. I'm not sure who said blue and green should not be seen, but that rule has been well and truly tossed. Same with orange and pink - years ago you wouldn't have put those colours together either, but that combination can look great.

    1. I can remember that, too. Green and gold together were in, as were pink and black. You don't see those combinations much anymore, though.

  2. Just adorable! I love the look of sailor shorts and pants, yours are just great!

  3. The green and blue thing must have been a fashion bad thing at one time, just like when I was pregnant with my first two babies, wearing a skirt and blouse was a fashion disaster - it had to be a dress, jumper or top and pants. I've always liked blue and green together. After all, blue sky and green meadows. Beautiful! Your shorts are cute!

  4. These shorts are wicked! I like the blue and green combo! I wear that all the time! :-)

  5. These look as if they are very comfortable!