Sunday, July 6, 2014

My plans for July

Although the theme is 'Sew your wish' this is hardly a dream project. However, I'm one step closer to starting my TOP-of-my-wishlist French jacket. More on that later on my blog. It's a bit ambitious to enter it in this challenge, or I should call it my July/August/September garment.

July is a busy month, so I chose an easy but fun project: a dress from KnipMode magazine's July 2014 issue. It's KM 1407-04 and I'll use an end of the bolt piece of cotton jersey. It's dark brown with little flowers in turquoise.

Not my dream, but who knows, maybe it will become a dream dress after all ;)

I hope you all find some time to work on your sewing dream this month!


  1. This is going to be a beautiful dress.. Love the fabric.

  2. Wonderful fabric and pattern!

  3. I've found that keeping an open mind does open the door to dreams - hoping this dress turns out to be just right for you.