Thursday, July 31, 2014

July garment, under the wire

Finished the garment on the 30th and wore it on the 31st.  That's what I call Just In Time.

This is a mash up of the Kwik Sew 3593 knit top and a skirt from an OOP that had the width I wanted.  The KW pattern has a tunic length variation but it looked too narrow for the look I wanted.  As I have no drafting skills and I do not speak math, I just glommed on a skirt from another pattern and trusted it would all work out.  I also changed the sleeve, using the non-gathered sleeve head from view A and the length of view B.

Here's a close up of the fabric, which was bought a couple of years ago from Girl Charlee.  The background color is actually a light yellow.  Tough to photograph.

It's cute as heck but a PITA to handle.  It didn't just droop, it grew. Maddening, I tell ya!   It is very thin so a lining was needed to give it any body at all.  I did not line the sleeves which, upon seeing the pictures, could probably stand to be shortened a little.  A belt is essential; it's a sack without it.  If the fabric was more stable, I would have sewn in some elastic at the waistline, but not with this fluid stuff.  I will be making a belt out of some pink, 2 inch elastic.  I was shocked to find a perfect color match.  Next, finding a cute buckle.

It's very comfy and elicited a few nice comments out and about today.  It's a keeper!


  1. Very pretty dress. Well done on your pattern combo it looks lovely on you. You would never of guessed that such an easy wear looking dress was so challenge to make but you have certainly mastered the fabric well done you have made a lovely, cute summer dress.

  2. Gorgeous shade of yellow - I can sort of see what it would be like in real life. Some knits are horrors to work with - I don't know why the myth that sewing knits is easy. I find glomming is a very effective technique (and I do speak Math!).

    1. P.S. I forgot to say it looks lovely :)

  3. Barbara, I LOVE it! Your 'glomming' worked perfectly!! It looks so cute and summery on you.

  4. Although, the fabric grew, it has nice drape. It's a beautiful dress!

  5. Looks really elegant on you. The neck line really suits you