Wednesday, June 4, 2014

June plans

I've decided to make view A of Simplicity 2594 (the green and white diagonal stripe top left on pattern envelope) in a pink polyester type fabric. View A is longer so I won't need to add so much extra length. I'm not planning at this stage to add the belt but may do when I finish it if it looks as if it needs it. I  have already altered pattern and cut out, grading from an 18 at bust to 22 at hip. I'm a real pear. I did have to lower waistline position to match mine, which effectively lengthened pattern overall by 1"

The model is wearing view B which I also like - I am planning to make this for my mother as she gave me a few pieces of fabric as she can no longer sew due to her eyesight - she hasn't sewn for many years now, so I'm not sure how old the fabric is but it seems okay.
I also like view C - the blue and white floral with belt and slit neckline, and may do that for myself later. I do need tops.
Please see my blog for further info and pictures.
Happy sewing


  1. I like all your ideas for this one. There are some really nice variations here. Can't wait to see which ones you decide to make.

  2. I love this top as well - I have it in my stash, not yet made up, so looking forward to seeing yours made - I wish you every success with it,and for the top for your mother.

  3. Looking forward to seeing this made up. I also have it in my stash but I keep putting it away because it's cut on the bias. Pink will be pretty;)

  4. Love this top.. It is going to be pretty.. Look forward to seeing lt.

  5. I mislaid the instructions but have found them again. I really need to keep my sewing stuff neater. I've decided to keep the sewing of this top (view A; the green and white one) to my sewing class on a Thursday as the sewing tutor disagreed with a step on the pattern (re yoke attachment) so I need her to tell me what to do instead. I still don't have an overlocker and need to use the class one to neaten seam edges.