Sunday, June 1, 2014

June plans

Today I started working on a pattern I've been wanting to sew for a long time. Celebrating my sewing? Check! Brightness and radiant colours? Not so much... I'm working on a black maxi dress.
Feminine? Check! So perhaps I'm still working with the theme.
The Anna dress (By Hand London) will be perfect for wearing with chic scarves or other evening wear, I'm also making a cropped jacket in bright red silk to go with the dress. Busy times!
More details soon on foxglovesandthimbles
Wishing you all a wonderful summer/winter with lots of cheerful sewing!


  1. This will be a lovely dress to have in your wardrobe. Looking forward to seeing your completed garment.

  2. Femme Fatale perhaps -even better :) Can't wait to see this.

  3. That is an incredibly popular dress at the moment. Looking forward to seeing it made up.

  4. Having a black maxi would be wonderful and multifuctional.

  5. Glamour indeed, with a black maxi. I've been seeing a lot of Annas but not many full length ones...looking forward to yours, with bright red jacket too!