Thursday, June 5, 2014

Finished June outfit

 Sarah Liz suggested I'd give my June garment a femme fatale twist to stay within our month's theme, so who am I to refuse? I made a black By Hand London Anna dress and a silk cropped jacket.
Curious? More pictures on my blog.

I entered my dress to the Dressed to the nines competition, part of Sewing Indie Month.
Voting is open at this page, my dress is #18
(If you're not a fan of Anna dresses, go look anyway and check all wonderful entries!)


  1. Beautiful dress that looks glorious with the red jacket. You'll be much admired when you wear it to the next formal occasion.

    1. Thank you, Barbara. It's good to know I'm prepared, these formal occasions often come at short notice.

  2. love the dress! looks like a pattern that go from casual to classy & I'm always in favor of anything red lol!


  3. Well, I love the tantalising sneak peak in this photo - off to your blog next :)