Sunday, June 22, 2014

Accordion squeezed in a Kindle Liberty SBCC top

Now there's a title! I don't really need to say anymore.

The details:

Pattern - SBCC Tonic Tee, free download. I used the XL size for most of it and scaled out to the 1XL at the hips. I lost some of the waist shaping in doing so but that is a good thing. 

Fabric - Liberty jersey, "Kindle" print. 

Time - several hours to print, tape, adjust, cut, place, cut then stitch. All done while watching television or chatting to my husband.  If I were doing nothing else it would take a little over an hour from the fabric cutting stage. 

Niggles - Not keen on the twin needling. BeaJay suggested using woolley nylon in the bobbin to help with stretchy fabrics. I tried this and realised that I don't need stretch in the bodice and sleeve hems. I trialled several runs of woolley nylon, normal thread, differing tensions and they all pulled between the lines of stitching. You can see it below. I can live with it, just a minor niggle. 
 The colour is faded here because of the flash, but it shows the puckering between the twin needle stitching lines.

NEXT? July is coming up, not sure what the theme will be but I'm having a go with some more pants... because I actually need pants! As always my blog is here, An extended version of this post is now up.


  1. That turned out nicely - thanks to Marianne's brilliant suggestion of this pattern.

  2. You can get ballpoint twin needles - maybe that would work better with Jersey knit? Not got round to it myself though :-)