Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Accordion buys Liberty fabric and needs help.

I'm not known for wearing prints anymore. There was a period in my mid-twenties when I wore pretty floral dresses. Laura Ashley was incredibly popular and the pattern block they used suited me perfectly. Even the pants! At the same time I had several multi coloured and vibrant jumpers, stripey shirts and dresses, even brightly coloured socks. However most of my wardrobe was made up of plain fabrics. As the florals faded they were replaced with a plain fabrics, a smaller number of stripes and a few textured weaves.

Now some 15 years later I've revisited the print idea a few times. I've toyed with Liberty lawn cotton but have yet to find a print that murmurs gently, let alone sings, to me. Then I visited the House of Cloth in Bendigo (see the blog for more) while on a runaway cycling trip with a friend. I saw Liberty jersey and decided to buy some, enough for a short sleeved tshirt. I decided that 80cm of 160cm wide jersey would be OK. Hmmm, possibly not!

Anyways - here is the fabric, with a Gutermann spool for scale as I couldn't find my tailors measure.

Pattern suggestions are welcome. I'm an Aussie size 16, D cup and short waisted to boot. Realistically this will be my July garment as it is just too late for June and the pants I'd semi planned are not happening. 


  1. Yes, prints aren't kind to me either - unless they are more geometric. I love Liberty fabrics, but tend to now only buy a scarf length as I've given up on trying to make prints work for me (except the spots, checks etc that do work on me).

    Yes, little light on for fabric here - I can squeeze out a short sleeve top in about 80 cms. You would need a very basic pattern - just a short sleeve t shirt. Vogue, Sandra Betzina at the back of the catalogue, has a t shirt with a dart in it - that might work better for your bust - although you may need to do an FBA. I don't have the number, it's on my list of to get patterns when V Patterns next have a sale.

  2. Try the SBCC Tonic tee, a free download. It's really designed for Curvy Chicks! I made it recently, no darts and no FBA needed. Blogged about it here:

  3. Cute print. Might I suggest color blocking it with a solid, say black. You sound sporty, so a biking t-shirt with princess lines with dark on the sides would lengthen your torso visually. There are some nice raglan styles around, I'm thinking Jalie Patterns, where you could have dark sleeves and dark neck band. Then there are the Tiltons - Vogue patterns, who have tee shirts mixing 3 plus fabric prints in one style.

  4. This is a lovely fabric. I go along with Maureen in suggesting mixing it with a plain - and that would eke out the amount you have.

  5. Ooh - excitement! Many thanks for the most excellent ideas. I'm leaning towards the SBCC tonic tee, I like their neckband treatment and attachment. The alternative is the the Grainline Scout, of which I have two in woven linen. Not sure that trying a woven pattern on an expensive knit is a good idea.

    Also like the idea of the Jalie & Vogue patterns, I often gaze at them longingly. However the Jalie patterns are hard to source locally and quite pricey online. The Vogue patterns are also very pricey. Hard to walk past a freebie pattern!