Monday, June 30, 2014

Ista: a belated June plan - penguin nightie

I need a sure thing, a winner to revive my sewing mojo. It's usually just below the surface and starting to sew anything helps. Especially when you know it's going to be a winner.  I started using the Past Pattern's chemise #002 as a nightgown pattern when I realised that not only is it period accurate in terms of sleepwear for many (despite my flannellette choices) but it's dead simple to make. I've taken to using a contrast fabric for a self drafted neck facing, and must hunt through my stash for the remnant of red with white pinstripes. 2014 penguin nightie

Beverly's June Dresses

I'm posting my June project at the last minute - 2 summer dresses.  I actually made the pink one at the very beginning of the month and finished the green one today. 

More info & pictures on my blog:

Sunday, June 29, 2014

July's MAGAM Project

My dear sewist friends,

Alas, I will not be completing my June MAGAM on time.  I can say the glass is half full or it is half empty.  I choose half full.  Thus I have decided July's project will be a continuation so that I may complete what I started - an entirely hand sewn Regency day dress.

Keeping it on the for real tip I did not even start the project until mid-June.  I procrastinated!  Got all caught up in the visit and impending birth of my granddaughter (yes, she arrived safely, 10 fingers, 10 toes, cute as a button, a little over a week ago).

Progress pic here (scroll down to bottom of page for those that already visited).



June skirt - a floral finish

I'm trying to sew mostly from stash but occasionally a piece of fabric jumps off the shelf or screen at me.  This bright floral linen blend was one of those.  I brought it home, washed and dried it and made it up quick as could be.  I chose Simplicity 1717, an a-line skirt with big pockets.

Had to jam my hand in the pocket so you could see it.  They disappear a bit in that busy print.

I like the skirt -it's a good fit and very comfortable.  I certainly have my choice of colors for tops!  I recommend the pattern though I'd advise tweaking the angle of the a-line if your fabric doesn't drape.  I think a stiffer fabric would stick out quite a bit.

June LBD

 Hello everyone !

Here is my June me-made : my first LBD. I was very reluctant to make this because I find it so difficult to sew black thread on black fabric. It took a long time to make it only because my eyes were sending some rebellious messages to my brain each time I was approaching the sewing machine ! But it's over and I'm pleased with the result. I had bought the pattern a few years ago, and the fabric was originally bought to make trousers. I think they match perfectly. The drape is very good.
Now, let's think about July project !
Happy sewing,

Table runner to top

I turned this random scrap of fabric that I thought might have been a table runner but who knows. It did have a nice baby hem on all sides. I used that to my advantage and turned it into a fun blouse for myself. No pattern.
to this...
More information on my blog here.


Saturday, June 28, 2014

June Tunic complete!

Hurrah, I've finished my very simple and quick "Melanie" tunic before the end of June :) Once I got moving on it, the sewing went really quickly. A fun, easy top.

More info about it over on my blog

July and a News Flash...

We are now nearly at the mid point of the year, which is time for a sewing celebration.  So this month, why not sew your wish - that garment you have always wanted to try, maybe something that you think is not you but you wish it was, or just something your heart desires.

I also want to let you know that I will be away for a couple of weeks in July so I won't be able to post photos to the monthly gallery.  Don't worry, I will post them all when I get back.  In the meantime, I will be keeping in touch with you all with my mobile devices.

Keep sewing, stay well

X, Sarah Liz

Friday, June 27, 2014

June Garment M6887 complete

I completed my June garment of the month-finally.  M6887 is a nice dress pattern and instructions are well written; yet I did sewing sequences and lining different from their directions.  Yesterday I wore the completed garment to work and I had a late evening meeting and the dress held up well.  It is cotton stretch woven fabric from EmmaOneSock.  I was able to take some photos before leaving for work yesterday.

The dress has lots of seams which allows for fitting tweaks, which I took advantage of.  I also used lining techniques that allowed me to attach much of the lining by machine; I am not a good handstitcher nor couture sewist.  I have no ambitions toward that.  

Thursday, June 26, 2014

June garment(s)

I was going to try and sew a dress for this month's Make a Garment a Month challenge, but then decided to finish an off white linen jacket that I had started back in 2003 and to make a pair of pants to go with it.

I did "make" a dress this month, too, but only by starting with a blue linen dress and jacket that I purchased for $10 in a thrift store, however I spent so much time remodeling that that I thought it at least deserved to be included in this month's blog at

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Lovenicky's June final product - Again!

Sorry I am posting another photo of my June product (Vogue 2237) again. Instead of using my half-broken camera in a corner of my house to take the picture, this time it was taken outdoors by a semi-professional photographer. It's a great sewing pattern and not difficult to make. I highly recommend this pattern if you already have it!

My Blog.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Anna's June Plans

This month has been zooming by, and I just realized that I forgot to post my plans for June. I'm planning to make McCalls 6035, View C, in some white cotton broadcloth. Right now, I'm working on fitting the pattern and getting very close to being ready to cut into my fashion fabric.

It's a busy week for me so I'll be lucky to actually finish this by the end of the month, but I know I'll get a good start on this project before the month is officially up. You can read more about my plans and other things I've been up to on my blog.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

June plans Moneta Dress

I know there is only a week to go in June but I am hoping to get this dress done. I have been dying to try this pattern. I'm going to make a black dress with some black lace over the bodice and maybe a trim on the sleeves. I'm going to visit my daughter in Canada next week so that's why I really want to try and get it done. Cross fingers

May Done very late. Style Arc Elle pants and Vogue 8952

I actually finished this a while ago but couldn't get any photos and these aren't the best but they will have to do. A successful outfit that is super comfortable and feels like wearing track pants to work.
More details are on my blog sewandsewbytheseasea

Accordion squeezed in a Kindle Liberty SBCC top

Now there's a title! I don't really need to say anymore.

The details:

Pattern - SBCC Tonic Tee, free download. I used the XL size for most of it and scaled out to the 1XL at the hips. I lost some of the waist shaping in doing so but that is a good thing. 

Fabric - Liberty jersey, "Kindle" print. 

Time - several hours to print, tape, adjust, cut, place, cut then stitch. All done while watching television or chatting to my husband.  If I were doing nothing else it would take a little over an hour from the fabric cutting stage. 

Niggles - Not keen on the twin needling. BeaJay suggested using woolley nylon in the bobbin to help with stretchy fabrics. I tried this and realised that I don't need stretch in the bodice and sleeve hems. I trialled several runs of woolley nylon, normal thread, differing tensions and they all pulled between the lines of stitching. You can see it below. I can live with it, just a minor niggle. 
 The colour is faded here because of the flash, but it shows the puckering between the twin needle stitching lines.

NEXT? July is coming up, not sure what the theme will be but I'm having a go with some more pants... because I actually need pants! As always my blog is here, An extended version of this post is now up.

Coco's July Plan - Fourth of July!

Planning early for July - it's all about the Fourth of July! I'm using celebration fabrics and my version of Butterick 5881, Katherine Tilton's Layered Dress...more on Coco's Loft!

Ciao! Coco

June garment done- open back dress

This was my June goal as I frantically sewed to finish this for a June 7th wedding. Yeah I started June 1st. I know....
This fun dress, has an open back. I promise it is not crooked, just how I was standing. I made a few modifications to the pattern- McCalls' 6647. More info here on my blog. :)

Friday, June 20, 2014

June Garment Done!

Here is the top I finished this month.  Love the style-- very flattering.

Burda 6974
Details here

Review here

Thursday, June 19, 2014

New Button hem Capris for June!

Hmm.  Methinks I forgot to declare my intentions, and now the thing is done!

These capris started with some retail inspiration, progressed through Vogue 8883, and finished with some added details.  Come on over to my blog to see more!  The Rusty Bobbin: Inklings

Coco's June Garment - A gathered sundress!

Summertime, summertime - This is Pattern Runway's Gathered Sundress, with a little bodice refashion to bypass the zipper! Loving it - my completed June garment, on Coco's Loft!

Ciao! Coco

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Accordion buys Liberty fabric and needs help.

I'm not known for wearing prints anymore. There was a period in my mid-twenties when I wore pretty floral dresses. Laura Ashley was incredibly popular and the pattern block they used suited me perfectly. Even the pants! At the same time I had several multi coloured and vibrant jumpers, stripey shirts and dresses, even brightly coloured socks. However most of my wardrobe was made up of plain fabrics. As the florals faded they were replaced with a plain fabrics, a smaller number of stripes and a few textured weaves.

Now some 15 years later I've revisited the print idea a few times. I've toyed with Liberty lawn cotton but have yet to find a print that murmurs gently, let alone sings, to me. Then I visited the House of Cloth in Bendigo (see the blog for more) while on a runaway cycling trip with a friend. I saw Liberty jersey and decided to buy some, enough for a short sleeved tshirt. I decided that 80cm of 160cm wide jersey would be OK. Hmmm, possibly not!

Anyways - here is the fabric, with a Gutermann spool for scale as I couldn't find my tailors measure.

Pattern suggestions are welcome. I'm an Aussie size 16, D cup and short waisted to boot. Realistically this will be my July garment as it is just too late for June and the pants I'd semi planned are not happening. 

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Magam June Plan

Hello everyone,
This month, I will be making an outfit - a very comfy t-shirt in white knit cotton and a skirt in floral stretch cotton.
For t-shirt pattern, I will use Burda magazine pattern 113/114 - June 2008 size 36 ( as the minimum size from the pattern is 38, I have to draw size 36 by myself ) and for the skirt, I will use Burdastyle pattern 10/2013 - 123 size 36.

More details of the sewing plans blogged here, Velvet Ribbon - sewing plans

Happy sewing!

Updated Granny Skirt

Remember my granny skirt?  Well it has been updated.

To see the updated version....if curiosity is peaked please visit my blog at :

May garment done

I actually had this done in May but never took any pictures. Life got a little crazy. But during May I did the Sew Liberated Clara Dress Sew-A-Long. I was a lucky winner of fabric from Sew News. So exciting. This dress is super cute!
More info here!


June Skirt Self Draft / Shirt Refashion

June Skirt Self Draft / Shirt Refashion

Fort this month's challenge, I decided to turn 2 old shirts and a spare bit of fabric:

Into this skirt:

All the details of how I did it are on my blog page HERE

Thank you for looking :)

Saturday, June 14, 2014

My June garment - my edgy faux leatherette skirt

Well, June is the month to celebrate our femininity - and we have all sorts of takes on that.  I've decide to make something that is right outside my comfort zone - whether it is radiant is perhaps subject to debate, but I feel pretty good in this skirt, so I think that sort of counts:)

Full details on how I made this skirt can be found here:on my blog, click here.

June MAGAM - KS2927

Later than I would like, here is my June plan:


June plans

As my everyday summer wardrobe seems to be skirt, shirt, and sandals, I decided to add to the arsenal this month.  I'll be sewing Simplicity 1717 in a bright, cherry printed cotton / rayon blend that caught my eye over at the big box fabric store.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Lovenicky's June Garment Done! - My DIY Wedding Dress

It's done! Yay! It doesn't look exactly like the photo on the pattern envelope because of my fabric choice but I prefer it this way. It's done finally! What a relief! Here is a photo:

You can see more pictures on my blog. I have also reviewed this pattern on

June's MAGAM Garment- Grainline Revised Scout Tee

Revised Grainline scout tee
Lace  overlay on front and back. Cuffs
added to sleeves.. V cut out in front..

Check out my blog.. to see the  'troubles I had"
Simple shirt,   easy and comfortable to wear.

Fabric from stash..
Pattern- have made the normal version several times.

This is my June Garment, But, I have another garment I am working on,
Hope to  post in June too..
Happy sewing.

Finished June Outfit

Butterick 5719 Jacket & Dress

Dot @

Thursday, June 12, 2014

June Cargo pants finished.

Cargo pants finished!
For details on my pants and top see my blog
Have a great June everyone!

Finally....better late then never

Just a tad little late with showing my Merry May project.  I choose a cheery colorful print to make McCalls 6115. 

 Yeah sorry about the quirky daughter snaped the photo just as I was smacking a photo off my leg.

Lets get to June....I'm going to repurpose a skirt that my grandma gave me last year.  Plus I'm going to make a cute tee to go with my repurpose skirt.  Not sure of what patterns to use, but I do have some what of a plan.
To see more...jump over to my blog:

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Lovenicky's June Plan - my DIY Wedding Dress

This is my June MAGAM plan - my DIY wedding dress using the Vogue 2237 pattern and this 'Heavy Dull Polyester Satin'. I think it kind of fits with the theme??

You can see more of my DIY wedding dress journey on my blog:

June MAGAM OOP pants

My June project will address my quest for a TNT pant pattern, while using all stashed supplies, and a .99 cent Value Village pattern. I must confess I have been working on these for the last week but have neglected to post on site simply because I kept forgetting, and life is busy, so when I get a few moments it goes to sewing not blogging. I love the months theme, however I don't think my pants complies, other then by making me happy;) I will be posting some trials and tribulations on my blog

Monday, June 9, 2014

LBD for June

Hello everyone !
Here are the fabric and pattern (view A) for my project for June. I've hesitated for a while because I must confess that I dislike sewing black fabric. Don't you ?
I hope my eyes will forgive me !
See you at the end of the month for the result !
Happy sewing,

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Plans for June

Ok, so I failed my hopeful MAGAM plans for my Merry May dress (HERE) but did manage to complete a much quicker garment instead! (HERE)

So my plans for June are to not only finish the said dress but also for the June theme of "feminine, Brightness and Radiance" I am going with this Simplicity pattern 1425

Feminine pattern, Bright fabric! I am going to make View C which is a pretty similar fabric to the pattern envelope!

Happy June Sewing Everyone! 
Dawn :)x

My Plans for June

Well, we all have very many interpretations of  radiant andfeminine - which is our June theme.   Following Marianne's femme fatale dress, I have decided to make a leatherette skirt -which is perhaps a little on the wild side for me, but perhaps that won't hurt for once :)

I will be using the skirt pattern form McCalls 5335 - I just don't add the godet and create a kick pleat instead.  It's just a straight skirt pattern without the godet.

Sarah Liz