Sunday, May 4, 2014

SharonR's May Plan

Hello! I'm excited to be a part of this blog. Here's my first entry - my May sewing plans:

This Simplicity 4221 is not only out of print, it's not even in the "Out of Print" section of their web site. Old, but still looks like a good pattern. I plan to do the skirt only, and the one with the arrow pointing to it. "E"
Here is how I justify this sort of "unmerry" fabric with this month's theme:
  • The MERRY part is that I'll have a new skirt! I so need clothes and being the big woman that I am, it's hard to find something I like in my size.
  • The MAD part, is that I plan to do this skirt entirely by hand sewing. Yes, that's right. I found a free e-book here through looking for hand sewing instructions. It's an old school book from the 1800s. My machine is down, and I like things done the old ways anyway. I'll see if I like doing it this month.
  • And of course, it will be ME MADE.
The reason for doing this sewing challenge, is because, as I said, I need it! Plus, I have such a fabric AND pattern stash, so I really need to start whittling that down.


  1. Hand sewn! Good luck, that sounds like it is a bit MAD, hope it will be MERRY also! :)

  2. Welcome . Wow all hand sewn I'm so impressed

  3. Welcome Sharon! Good luck with the dress, fabric pattern is gorgeous :)x