Friday, May 30, 2014

My May Make Made!

 Ok , being new to this blogging thing I missed the part about the monthly theme. I'm afraid my Military Jacket is not Merry! Especially since the husband Nick - Named it my Zombie hunting Jacket. But it's done, and it seemed to take forever. Check it out on my blog.



  1. The garden is though! Merry, I mean.

    Maureen, this is a great jacket - so nicely made - and I know from your blog, you had to work really hard on this - not a merry so at all. But you made it!

  2. Good job! I'm most impressed by your pockets.

  3. You should feel merry that it's finally finished and so gorgeous. Congrats on all your hard work. It's terrific!

  4. It looks amazing. I especially like the belt!

  5. hello,your jacket is great and welldone,it looks like my father one:and by the way many people would be proud to wear such a beautifull one durind the celebrations in Normandy.
    Next week i'll wear the uniform of pilot...the real one!a lot of emotion.

    1. Thank you JBB, I am proud to wear a piece of my father who served our country and to remember him with love, as you too will wear your pilots uniform for your celebration in Normandy proudly . It really tugs at the heart ,yes?

  6. It looks absolutely wonderful! You did such a wonderful job. I agree...those pockets are impressive!

  7. Great job, looks really well made, well done