Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Merry May Shirts!

Cheerful May Shirts?


Merry or cheerful, they make me happy!  I finished my Silhouette Patterns Stephanie's Blouse and liked it so much that I went on to make Silhouette Patterns Classic Blouse in a similar style.

First, Stephanie's Blouse:

This one has kimono sleeves and princess seams.  My blog entry with more details is here.

That done, I wanted more simple shirts, so I made this from Silhouette Patterns Classic Blouse pattern:

I changed the Classic Blouse's collar and facing to make it a camp-style shirt.  You can read more about the shirt on my blog.


  1. I love them both! No cool and crisp looking.

    1. I meant SO cool and crisp looking. Sorry.

  2. Yes, both fabrics are great! I really like both patterns, very nice lines.

  3. Love the Merry May pattern - and the second shirt is so cool and classic. Gorgeous.

  4. I love Stephanie's blouse. It's so fun and full of Spring/Summer. These are both just fab.

  5. The boxes are so very playful and I especially like their colour on the white background. ;-)

  6. Thank you all very much. I'm sure I'll enjoy wearing them both.