Thursday, May 8, 2014

Lovenicky`s May garments

I do like to choose easy and quick projects to sew, don't I? Here are the results of my quick and easy May garments. I made 2 pair of shorts with Butterick 5044 - the black linen one with a drawstring and the green linen one with an elastic waist. I did a review on the Pattern Review site. I never tucked my tops in but here are the tucked pictures just  to show you the garments in their entirety:

You can see more pictures on My Blog.


  1. Cute shorts. You'll wear these many times over the summer, no doubt. I have that pattern. Seeing yours, I must get to it!

    1. Thanks Barbara! The pattern has no side seams, only inseams. It's a really quick and easy to sew project. I think I was able to complete each pair of shorts within 1.5 hours (including cutting all the way to completion).