Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Late Out The Gate May Plans

This is my very first post in the MAGAM challenge. I hope I did it correctly. So far this month I have spent many hours of sewing-- for others!  I realize that there is not much time left in this month so I'm going to attempt this Very Easy Vogue pattern in a solid ITY knit. After all, a woman can never have to many little black dresses.

This will be my second time making this pattern. I am making the shorter version.

On the plus side--I have already completed two projects in May-- a prom dress and a white dress for graduation, both for my daughter. 



  1. After those two dresses for your daughter, this should be easy! It will be an elegant dress.

  2. This is one of my favorite patterns and don't understand why I do not own it. Looking forward to seeing your finished project.

  3. Welcome :). This is a lovely dress, I haven't ever seen it made up, so looking forward to that soon!

  4. Welcome to MAGAM ..
    Wow... you have already accomplished a lot this month.. This pattern is so pretty