Sunday, May 4, 2014

Dawn's Hopeful plans for May!

I have been lucky in latter weeks to have quite a bit of sewing time. But as we move house in 4 days my time now is challenged and I am so glad to be a part of MAGAM to ensure that I get this dress made and completed this month.

To keep in with the "Merry Theme" I have chosen this bright orange colour. But just so as I dont look like a tangerine I am toning it down with the brown/grey animal print. 
I am making New Look 6121 (the shorter version) with the orange for the bodice and the animal print for the skirt.
Wish me luck... It's cut out, but I might not even see my sewing machines for a couple of weeks.... ;)

Happy May Sewing everyone!


  1. Girlllll,

    I loves me some orange. And, I like this dress. It's fun.



  2. Cute idea - love the orange! Good luck finding time to work on it this month -- sounds like you'll be busy but hopefully will have some time to decompress with your sewing.

  3. I'm too chicken to wear bright colors. But, I've bought brightly colored fabric and ready made outfits. (?) I need to be brave! Maybe toning down with another piece is the ticket. It's going to look really cute!

  4. Beautiful combination! Good luck on the move!

  5. Love the orange but like the print and colour combination even better. What a cleaver idea to put these two together. I'm looking forward to seeing the dress.