Wednesday, May 14, 2014

april an may garment

As every month,i am late,busy,but no real excuse.

So i worked a lot on my pants,and blouse,printed in Brasil....not for foot!

I was helping a friend to sew the same pants,and now she is making a dress for summer,so i spend a lot of time with her,and we are speaking about many things,tasting her last cake,and not really working.
I enjoy this afternoons,and we are so proud to make garment.
Yesteday,we watched a film o, TV:Les choses de la vie,with a beatifull acctress:Romy Schneider who was very often dresses by Courrè project on board!se you soon on my blog"folie de mode"


  1. Lovely fabrics - these should look beautiful together.

  2. Sounds like you and your friend are having fun sewing get togethers.. so happy for you..
    Your pants and top are so pretty.

  3. What a very pleasant way to spend summer afternoons, good company, cake, and a little sewing. Very nice. And so is the blouse and pants, perfect soon to wear on such occasions.