Sunday, May 11, 2014

April Finished Garment and May Plans

Alright, it just occurred to me that I did not post my April garment.  Mind you, I had it finished in April.  I had promised Dixie DIY's Concert tee in a pink knit.   However, when cutting began, it ended up in a blue marbled knit.  What can I say?  This fabric wanted to be a tee!  Never fear, the pink knit I intended to use became my Lady Skater dress.  Both garments fit perfectly into my wardrobe and I have gotten a me-made-may outfit from each!

The month of May highlights Indie Sewing Patterns.  I have a soft spot for these patterns because when I decided to sew again eons after my teenage years, I went to Indie patterns because I could understand the sizing.  This month's garment is Disparate Discipline's Dandelion dress using the following fabric:

Blue seems to be a staple in wardrobe.  I also like prints.  You can read all about my choice and see my latest dress on my blog: The Enantiomer Project.

Happy Stitching!


  1. Interesting seam lines on that dress. I look forward to hearing your report on creating it and, of course, seeing how it turns out. That's a lovely blue in your fabric.

  2. I like the dandelion dress and think this fabric will work well . I think I have seen the tee on your blog - it's a great casual cut.

  3. That fabric is almost hypnotic! Love it. I've just made up Disparate Disciplines/Seamster's Rose Hip Tights...gosh, I love them :)