Saturday, May 31, 2014

Fun multi-colored maxi dress

I actually finished this dress at the beginning of May. Unfortunately, due to some things going on with life. I have not been able to keep up with things. But how much do I love this maxi dress. Used simplicity 2692. For more click here.

Friday, May 30, 2014

My May Make Made!

 Ok , being new to this blogging thing I missed the part about the monthly theme. I'm afraid my Military Jacket is not Merry! Especially since the husband Nick - Named it my Zombie hunting Jacket. But it's done, and it seemed to take forever. Check it out on my blog.


June Garment of the Month-Dress by McCall's

It is hard to believe that June is almost here!  For those of us in the USA, it is summer time and going for clothing to wear in the heat.  I decided to make a dress from floral cotton stretch woven from EmmaOneSock.  Lining is from my stash.
The pattern I am going to use is a McCall's pattern released in early spring.  I am going to make View D which is the black and floral print one on the pattern envelope.  I have spent the past two days making fitting adjustments to the pattern.  Hopefully I can get it cut out this weekend.

Completed May Dress

Hello, everyone! I'm so excited to be back with a post to show you my completed May garment.

I adored the Simplicity 2215 pattern (I made view A) and I'm so happy with my first ever dress! I really enjoyed making this and I feel like this will be a very useful addition to my wardrobe. I was feeling so inspired by the fabric and the pattern that I even knit a cardigan to go with it.

You can visit my blog here for more details.

I'm looking forward to June and feel completely energized for another challenge garment!

Lisa's June plans - Rachel Comey finally!

I know, I know, I am the last female on the face of the planet to make Vogue 1247, but this month will take care of that!  I've chosen Rachel Comey's Vogue 1247 cute top to make out of a silk-like polyester that feels and drapes like 'silk', full of subdued browns and tans with a lovely dusky shade of blue and splotches of white.
A little more written at my blog here.
Happy Sewing Everyone!

June - a special time for sewing

Hello everyone - I can't believe the year is now almost half over.  Those of you in the Northern Hemisphere are entering summer, we in the Southern Hemisphere are going into winter.

June is named after Juno, the Goddess of  marriage and the well-being of women.  I thought that was really fitting for us, because the this blog is about the sewing well-being of it's members - to encourage us all to sew something, each month, just for ourselves.  It's not just about sewing, but the making time and space to look after your own needs, not those of everyone else.  For your well-being..

June is also summer, heralding bright and radiant days.  Not so down in the southern hemisphere, but bright and radiant thoughts and colours are needed :).

So, this month, celebrate your sewing - make something you have always wanted to make, or make up something in a colour that suits you, or make something you know you will feel good in.

Or just celebrate your sewing in any way you want to :)

Sarah Liz

Thursday, May 29, 2014

June MAGAM Plans

Butterick 5719  jacket and dress in acetate lycra slinky crepe knit from Fabric Mart
Dorothy @

Plan For June

Here is the plan for June.
I made a full bust adjustment and hope it was done correctly. Please check out this blog post.  I welcome any suggestions, especially if you see something that might cause a problem when I sew it. 

Summer Road Trip Blouse

I've been sewing up a storm, getting ready for our car trip to Chicago early in June.

I've been using mainly knits, for comfort and wrinkle-resistance. This blouse is all  about the fabric.

I wish we had the time to cruise Route 66. We'll be bombing along I-80, trying to make time, but I hope we get a chance to stop at just one small-town diner.

The pattern is Burdastyle 09-2011-128, a sleeevless blouse with a pleat detail at the neck that nearly melted my brains. I do like the finished product though.

More on my blog, and my pattern review is here on

Merry May garment

I finished my May garment in time to model it at my ASG meeting on Tues. night, but my photographer friend was sitting so close to me that the picture she took of my jacket didn't look all that great so I had to get my husband to photograph me this morning and here's one shot of my Tabula Rasa jacket made from an peach linen tablecloth I bought for $2 at a church rummage sale.

There are some indoor photos which show my jacket from all angles on my blog as well as a more detailed description of what I went through to make it!

Can't wait to hear what the June topic is going to be, since this challenge has gotten me to finish a lot more garments than I would have if left to my own devices!

June's MAGAM Project . . . uuwww so excited!

My sewing sisters, divas.  I'm gonna really need you to rally around me this month.  This will be a challenge extraordinaire for me.  Get this . . . .

I am going to hand sew a Regency day dress from a thrifted bed sheet.  Oh, and get this, I thoroughly expect to wear the thing . . .yup at home, out and about, wherever I choose to!

You know how we do it . . . check out the particulars over at my blog, please:



Wednesday, May 28, 2014

I finally did it.... My first Monthly Challenge in Knit

Binding V Neckline
Finally did it in Knit... My first monthly challenge (May), and I am a very happy camper.  Cut, tweak the pattern, sew and completed all in one day. I actually noticed,  I completed this blouse in 9 hours.  It was  a smooth sailing on the sewing machine, don't you love it when you are sewing and everything is falling or so stitching in the right place.  I had a bit of trouble with the binding for the neck area.  But, I am taking an online class for interfacing, so my skills should improve by the next time I am up to the challenge of binding a V neckline.   

I bought the fabric at my locate Joann's and the patterns is from my HUGE stash of patterns- Simplicity 1916. Fabric is very stretchy in rayon blend .

Check out my tweaks of the pattern at my blog:

Merry May Shirts!

Cheerful May Shirts?


Merry or cheerful, they make me happy!  I finished my Silhouette Patterns Stephanie's Blouse and liked it so much that I went on to make Silhouette Patterns Classic Blouse in a similar style.

First, Stephanie's Blouse:

This one has kimono sleeves and princess seams.  My blog entry with more details is here.

That done, I wanted more simple shirts, so I made this from Silhouette Patterns Classic Blouse pattern:

I changed the Classic Blouse's collar and facing to make it a camp-style shirt.  You can read more about the shirt on my blog.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Life has been happening....

Well, I was not able to complete my April garment and this month is almost over and to be honest don't know if I will have a May garment....but still am hopeful.  I have three options and here is one of my first options :

To see my other options (hopefully) and to catch up on what has been happening in my area of the world, please stop by .     I have a bit of sad news my Grandma passed away on May 9th, which we knew would eventually happen, but one is never prepared.

Lisa's Kirsten Kimono Tee

May's been busy with Me-Made-May 2014 and gardening so I am a little behind in posting my April completed top.  After washing and drying my fabric, I found it had shrunk from 1 1/2 yards to @1 yard, so the original plans changed to sewing my second Kirsten Kimono Tee, a free download from Maria Denmark.  A review of the pattern, along with both tops I've recently made, can be found at my blog here.   This is a fantastic little top! 
Happy Sewing Everyone!

Monday, May 26, 2014

May Garment complete

Merry May Vest ....

Merry May Skirt...

This simple little elastic waist skirt, made out of stretch cotton sateen, is a merry skirt in the end, but was a little unmerry in the making - you can read about that on my blog - click here.

Pattern used was Kwik Sew 3765, my standby for simple skirts like this one.

MsKnitSew's Finished May Project

Here is my little black dress made from Vogue 8724 and a black ITY knit.

More information on my blog and a review on PatternReview.

May garment completed

Hi All

This is my May Make A Garment A Month.  The pattern is V8828 and the fabric is stretch cotton, with cotton lawn lining.

Please visited my blog for more details.

Happy sewing

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Dawn's Merry May change of plan!

So, the plan for May was to make New Look 6121 (see My Post HERE) but due to several alterations I want to make on this pattern, I have had to put it on hold for next month. Apologies, apologies but the house move has taken over our lives this month!

But! I can't let a month go without at least one make; that's the whole point of being a part of this MAGAM challenge right? So I have opted for a very quick and very easy make for Merry May and run up this little number in my new sewing room instead

This is McCalls 3650. It's soooo old it's OOP but you can view all the details and more photos on My Blog HERE

Before I go, I would just like to apologise for not being active on this blog of late. I will catch up with May postings as soon as we are connected to the internet again! We are currently having to use the data on our mobile phones so it's very limited! Especially now I've been uploading photos!!

Happy Sewing everyone
Back soon! :)


Saturday, May 24, 2014

Coco's Plans for June...a skirt!

June already! I'm absolutely in love with the gathered pockets on the Pattern Runway Gathered Dress! So I've decided to fashion a maxi skirt from the pattern, opening the front but keeping the main details of this super pretty design. More on my post on Coco's Loft!

Ciao! Coco

Sew Indie May -- Dandelion Dress

I love the Perfect Pattern Parcel.  It helps education and I get a great pattern bundle.  The first PPP contained the Dandelion Dress.  This was the perfect make for summer, for Sew Indie Month, and for my MAGAM May Challenge.

I used navy bias tape to line the hem and sleeves.  It has a nice scoop neck and a lovely hip-hugging look without being overly tight.
The details and other photos can be found at The Enantiomer Project!

Happy Sewing --

Friday, May 23, 2014

Polka dots for May

Here is my new dress for May. I used a Lutterloh pattern but it is just a very simple dress with only 2 bust darts. I used a bed sheet for that. It is fully lined with a bed sheet as well. Oh dear, what am I going to put on my bed now ?;)

Happy sewing to everyone,

Thursday, May 22, 2014

My Finished May Project

I've finished my project for this month--a comfy black hooded pullover. The pattern is Vogue 8951. I shortened the pattern a bit and added a contrast hood lining. The main fabric is a cotton interlock and the hood lining is a lighter-weight cotton jersey. I'm really happy with how this turned out, and I've already worn it a lot!

There are more details and more photos over on my blog!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

May I Present...

I have finished my merry May make, my cheerful pencil skirt!

Or maybe I should be calling it my chameleon skirt?? Check out the full review over at Magpie Makery...

May Garment Determined

With a little over a week left in May, I've set a rather ambitious garment for this month - having only just finished my April garment yesterday.

Wish me luck!
Stars Threads

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Late Out The Gate May Plans

This is my very first post in the MAGAM challenge. I hope I did it correctly. So far this month I have spent many hours of sewing-- for others!  I realize that there is not much time left in this month so I'm going to attempt this Very Easy Vogue pattern in a solid ITY knit. After all, a woman can never have to many little black dresses.

This will be my second time making this pattern. I am making the shorter version.

On the plus side--I have already completed two projects in May-- a prom dress and a white dress for graduation, both for my daughter.

April Garment Finished!

Whew!  It's done!  And only 3 weeks late!

For such an easy dress, I ran into all kinds of problems with this one.  More info on my blog.

Coco's Merry Make for May - Complete!

The Salme Pleated T-Shirt - I'm in love with this woven blouse pattern! Come see lots of pics and info on on Coco's Loft!  Ciao, Coco

Monday, May 19, 2014

Complementary Garment for May's MAGAM: Red Pencil Skirt from Table Cloth!!!!

I couldn't resist making a red skirt to go with my 1940s peplum, gals.

Excited to take the peplum on a spin I made this skirt Sunday morning so I could wear the ensemble to worship that morning at 10:00 a.m.  It is simply a tapered skirt with elastic waistband; no kick pleat and I eliminated side pockets.  This was repurposed from a tablecloth!  I am sure it is a polyester fabric.

It was comfy and I enjoyed wearing it.  Seriously got a love affair with piping going on, LOL.  Now to tackle making it myself with matching fabric on an upcoming garment.

As always, more pics on the blog.



Sunday, May 18, 2014

May project complete

I completed my second version of New Look 6150.  The first was one I made that I wore through the fall and some of the winter.  This version is a lighter color and definitely one for spring/summer.
This fabric did meet the stretch requirement as noted on the back envelope.  My first version I realized had more stretch so a little looser fit.  When I tried on after basting the side seams, I felt that it was tighter than I preferred.  I ended up taking 3/8 side seams instead of 5/8.   I did use the ruched sleeve again and here is a close up of the sleeve ruching, created by stitching elastic to the center seam of the front and back sleeve.
I used up all of this fabric which I acquired several years ago from Vogue Fabric's online store.

Sewing Bee Fabric's May Skirt Self-Draft / Refashion

Thanks for accepting me to come and join the garment a month challenge. Here is my first month's offering!

To find out why I savaged my jeans and all the instructions on how to refashion your own and draft your own striped skirt can be found on my blog page HERE

Friday, May 16, 2014

1940s Retro Style Blouse for May is Done!

Here's my attempt at "posing"!  Giggles.  Since working to build "a better blog" boy do I appreciate the skill of fashion photographers.  This stuff ain't easy, dolls and guys.

I was considering shoulder pads but Noodlebump didn't think they were necessary.  Looking at the doll on the pattern package . . . well, you know how that is.  She's a size 1 and I'm a 24.  Anywho, more photos and info about my garment making mayhem is over at my blog.  Click the link below, please.  Oh, and comment to your hearts desire.

Now, I'm outta here to go check out the other gals' May outfits!  That's the fun part too.



P.S.  Sew, know what you're gonna do for June?  I do . . . snickles.

Finished May dress

My mad and merry May Moneta dress is finished! More details and construction details can be found on my blog.
Since the Flower frenzy challenge of Project Sewn was my inspiration I also entered it to this week's sew along. It's nice to take a look, get inspired or discover some new sewing blogs!
You can vote for your favourite project by clicking on the heart.

Anna's Plans for May

Well, my April project ended up being a bust, so I'm just moving forward with a new project for May. This month, I'm planning to make Vogue 8951. I'll be making view B, which has a hood and a kangaroo pocket. I'm planning to use a black cotton interlock for the main fabric, but use the gray and red chevron jersey for a contrast hood lining.

There are a few more details on my blog if you're interested. Happy sewing!

Plans for May

Hello, everyone! I'm so excited to have joined in this challenge and here is my very first post with my plans for this lovely month of May.

The pattern is Cynthia Rowley for Simplicity, Simplicity 2215 and I've decided to use this 'Wata' Nani IRO print. I believe the print is called 'Woodblock Pocho'. Edited to add: I'm making the dress, view A.

You can read more about my choice on my blog.

Happy sewing, everyone!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

May Outfit Completed!

 Vogue 8886 Royal blue polyester/cotton stretch bottom weight fabric.

My May Project: Something completely different

Every year my husband and I go to a black-tie gala at one of the Smithsonian museums. This year the event will be at the Portrait Gallery/Museum of American Art. Every year I make a gown to wear, along with matching vest and tie for Bob. This year's gown will be my May project. The fabric I chose is... quite a departure from anything I've done before.

Not quite sure what the dress will look like yet, but I'll be documenting it on my blog and will post a picture here when it's done.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Stephanie's Blouse for May

For May, I'll take a few hours off from yard work to sew a new blouse.  This one will be Stephanie's Blouse, #350, from Silhouette Patterns.

I'll sew it in a stashed cotton that's been hanging around a while--if the pattern doesn't work out, I won't mind so much!

april an may garment

As every month,i am late,busy,but no real excuse.

So i worked a lot on my pants,and blouse,printed in Brasil....not for foot!

I was helping a friend to sew the same pants,and now she is making a dress for summer,so i spend a lot of time with her,and we are speaking about many things,tasting her last cake,and not really working.
I enjoy this afternoons,and we are so proud to make garment.
Yesteday,we watched a film o, TV:Les choses de la vie,with a beatifull acctress:Romy Schneider who was very often dresses by Courrè project on board!se you soon on my blog"folie de mode"

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

M. Inez - May Completed Garment

I realize I hadn't posted plans; however, I made this dress for Mother's Day so I'm just going to submit it for my challenge garment for the month LOL.

I made View C using 2 yards of polka dot sateen + 2 yards of black sateen for the hem band.

The completed garment.

Front View:
Back View:

I received many compliments when I wore it along with about 8 requests to make one for others.

More details + pattern review at Inez's Craft Room.