Sunday, April 27, 2014

Shorts for April

This was a quick sew for a garment I didn't think I'd wear in April but did.  Hooray for a couple of surprisingly warm days after the grueling winter much of the US and Canada experienced.

These New Look 6100 shorts are comfy and fit perfectly right out of the package.  They don't look a darn thing like the picture on the pattern envelope.  Luckily I saw plenty of other people's versions and knew a bit what to expect.

Here's a shot with my top tucked in, which is not my first choice for styling.

Here it is with the top untucked.

And a rear shot simply to show how well it fits. No, that's not R2D2 behind me, it's the air conditioner!

The soft chambray denim draped nicely.  A second version of these shorts is planned for a stiffer fabric and I think I will need to narrow the legs or risk having them stick straight out.


  1. Nice job! Whatever the pattern looks like, these shorts look good. The shirt tucked in looks nice. I've got toooooo big a tummy to look good with shirts tucked in. Looks good on you!

  2. Really like this pattern. They look great. I have been looking for a nice shorts pattern, this one seems like it would be a good one!

    1. The shorts have a band around the bottom but for what purpose, I don't know. It would look cute with a contrast color or if you wanted to mix prints, but otherwise it's useless. It's not a cuff - just a band. I didn't read a single reviewer who used it. They all (me included) just lengthened the pattern a bit and did a normal hem.

  3. I would do just what you did with the hem - unless I had run out of fabric, then a band might save the day! I think for a good classic look you have the right recipe - they look lovely - and I agree, top out, but it is nice to see the top of the shorts for sewing purposes.

  4. That is a very nice shorts and fabric choice!

  5. I love these shorts! They look great! Smart to delete the band as it gives them a nice streamlined look.