Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Orange pants done!

April - make a garment a month challenge.

Burda 8085.
Well I won't be running out to make these in a hurry again. I think they turned out quite nice. The husband likes them - he said I will be easy to find in the Casino! And Lola likes them! I will even wear them!
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  1. I am so nervous about making pants. I'm very curvy so I think it will be very difficult. This post is giving me some encouragement. Those pants are cute.


  2. The pants look like a really good fit! Great job! Colour pants are very much in fashion so I think you will be able to wear this a lot.

  3. I actually love that colour! Looks like you figured out the fit -- I'm with DJ, I'm really nervous about attempting pants...

  4. I think they are great pants - and the colour looks good and would suit your colouring.