Tuesday, April 1, 2014

March project finished

I decided to make my March garment from my Louise Cutting One Seam Pants pattern since Louise is going to be teaching classes for our Albany ASG group this coming weekend and even though I'm pleased with the results, I want to perfect this pattern a bit before making more, and hopefully Louise will help me do that!

A bit more info and a back view on my blog http://suzyssewingsite.blogspot.com but here's a shot of the front of my pants, yet another muslin since this was just cheap rayon fabric from my stash.


  1. The thought of sewing pants terrifies me. Looks like you are becoming a pro!

  2. I love the idea of one seam pants :)

  3. Nice pants! I've made a pair one seam before and was surprised once I opened the pattern pieces as I had never seen that before. I'll admit that after finishing them they did need some adjustments.