Monday, April 14, 2014

march garment!

Always late,but a good excuse!

I am sewing on my project of March,and by the same time teach a friend of mine to sew!A new job,and between cakes and chocolates,we are making lot of things.
To see in April.

But here is my dress:

from Burda,but i do not understand why the picture does want to turn?
I only find that the sleeves seem shorter on the magazine,but finally longer is better to wear in autumn.
See you soon,and all your beatifull garment. 


  1. Such a lovely color. I'm sure you brighten the room when you wear that pretty dress.

    Good for you, teaching someone to sew. We have all benefited from others and it's wonderful that you are continuing the tradition of passing on knowledge.

  2. This is a lovely colour, and a lovely dress indeed - I like the longer sleeves, and as you say, warmer in any case. And who would know what length they are supposed to be ?

    I am sure you are a wonderful teacher - all your clothes look so nicely made.

  3. Absolutely love your dress. Such a pretty color.. Happy sewing.
    Know you and your friend are having fun with your sewing class and good food too.ha