Sunday, April 27, 2014

I'm still hoping to make a garment for April!

I've had a really busy month with family visits, daughter's graduation, grandsons with chickenpox, visits to family and elderly mother and so on. I did manage to make my older grandson a pair of shorts from an old pattern I picked up, slightly modified for today's style but don't have a photograph - he came down with chickenpox just after this and was probably already under the weather a bit; his younger brother already had chickenpox during the visit to us but was neither up not down with it, having just a few spots, too
I'm not going to be able to do the garment I had originally intended - that will be for next month. I thought I'd make my middle daughter the Winter Street Dress from Pattern review. No, this isn't my garment for April, well not quite. I don't like the look of the pattern - although it is supposed to sit at the natural waist , it is extremely short and more like an empire waistline. Many reviewers have mentioned this. I decided that if the waistline were in the 'correct' place, that this could be a suitable dress for me to test out using knit fabrics. Then, from what I learn, I will make my daughter one. This daughter is tall but not as tall as I am, and being rather younger, wears her skirts considerably shorter!

So, I am planning to sew the Winter Street Dress for me, using maroon stretch fabric (I don't know what the fabric composition is)

I have downloaded the pattern, printed it out and modified it. I have added quite considerably to the front bodice length, less so to the sides and very little to the back bodice. I have lengthened skirt. Arms are the same length as original pattern - I am doing the full length version. The above shows the fabric already cut out. I hope to get it sewn over the next few days as all the hard work is already done - at least I hope so! I didn't do a FBA so hope that will be okay - the pattern is made for a C cup.

Although I have downloaded a pattern previously, and printed it out, I have not previously put the pieces together and have never sewn from one. A knit dress, with a slightly stretchy fabric, is also a new area. I did a knit fabric dress previously but that was a stable knit with little or no stretch to it. You never know, rather than being a kind of muslin, I may well get a wearable dress out of this.

I may well post a few additional details on my blog, which has been sorely neglected over the last month.


  1. The maroon is very pretty and whether you get a wearable dress out of it or not, you will learn a lot about the pattern and about knits. I sure hope it turns out, though. I think it'll be very pretty. And yeah, judging from the picture of Deepika, she is either short waisted (to my eyes) or she wears her skirts high on the torso.

  2. With all the changes you're planning on making, you could probably make a pattern for yourself from a drawing. Can't wait to see it!

    1. I'm inclined to agree with you!

  3. Best of luck. You still have time. :)

  4. You are going to go on quite a sewing adventure - learning lots of new things all at once, with a lot going on around you, is quite a challenge. The maroon is a lovely colour. I think Deepika is short waisted and I think the waist is a little high on her - that can work well on a thick waisted person or petite person, but with a taller person who has a more defined waist, I think it needs to be on the waist, or it will look as though the person is too tall for the dress.