Tuesday, April 29, 2014

An Archer for April

Here's my April garment; it's the Archer Button Up Shirt from Grainline Studio.

It doesn't look too spring-y, does it? For me, it works for spring and summer though. I'm of an age where I'm trying to limit my sun exposure. A light over layer with a collar and long sleeves is just what the dermatologist ordered.

Once fall sets in, I can see myself wearing it all buttoned up and tucked in, but for now I'll probably wear it as a light jacket.

I thought the pattern would be a challenge for me, because I'd never made anything so tailored before. The pattern is very nicely drafted, though, and the directions are super. If you're in the market for a boyfriend shirt that you don't have to sneak out of his closet, I recommend it!

More over on my blog, if you're so inclined.


  1. You did a great job and should be proud of it.

  2. My grandmother wore long sleeves while gardening in the middle of hot summer. Very smart of her, I always thought. You'll be glad of it, I know. It looks like, in the close up shot that it's a fairly loose weave, so that works for summer! Nice job, too!

  3. Very nice. Those cuffs look amazing.

  4. This shirt is just perfect for what you want it for. Great idea to wear long sleeves to protect yourself - not just from the sun, but scratches too. Lovely workmanship - this is a great shirt pattern.