Wednesday, April 30, 2014

My May Garment

In keeping with our merry theme I am going to make a cheerful purple skirt for this winter.  That should cheer me up enormously on very grey days.  Stretch cotton sateen, and Kwik Sew 3765 - a TNT.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

May Already

Well, here we are, already entering the fifth month of the year.  It seems unbelievable, but then that's what I say every year. so it must be the way time passes. 

The word May comes from the Latin - the month of the goddess Maia.  Maia is associated with fertility and growth. That seems quite applicable to sewing - our stash grows, and our experience grows every time we make something.

May also seems associated with merriment, with maypoles and May Day celebrations.  Mind you , MayDay is also associated with labour (Labour Day) and with danger (the May Day distress call).

Which seems quite fitting as well.  Sewing is a labour of love, can be fraught with all sorts of emotional and learning dangers where a May Day is put out (for chocolate, or else a warning to everyone else to beware, when the seam ripper is out!).

So, out with the sewing, in with the merriment, grow some more and make it again this month.

Looking forward to seeing your plans soon.

Sarah Liz

An Archer for April

Here's my April garment; it's the Archer Button Up Shirt from Grainline Studio.

It doesn't look too spring-y, does it? For me, it works for spring and summer though. I'm of an age where I'm trying to limit my sun exposure. A light over layer with a collar and long sleeves is just what the dermatologist ordered.

Once fall sets in, I can see myself wearing it all buttoned up and tucked in, but for now I'll probably wear it as a light jacket.

I thought the pattern would be a challenge for me, because I'd never made anything so tailored before. The pattern is very nicely drafted, though, and the directions are super. If you're in the market for a boyfriend shirt that you don't have to sneak out of his closet, I recommend it!

More over on my blog, if you're so inclined.

M. Inez - April's Completed Garment

Here it is finally - my completed garment for April. The skirt is my challenge garment using McCall's 3830. I also made the blouse.

More details at my blog Inez's Craft Room.

Monday, April 28, 2014

I have a little thing for 50s peplum tops.... well maybe it's more than just a little thing. I've been day dreaming about having one... or more. As it turns out, I'm not the only one who is having thoughts of bygone fashions. I've notice that modern designers like Giambattista Valli are too.. how fun!

Here's my reveal:

For the full backstory on how this top started as a lonely curtain panel, visit my blog:

Happy sewing to you.

Catching Up with April

There are still a few days left in April, and I'm planning to get something sewn! While avoiding working on my last March project I did sew up a blouse pattern; I have lots of the same yellow fabric left over so I'm going to try to make a skirt from the same. I don't have many skirts so thought this New Look 6215, view C (the greenish one) would be a good, fast project that would mix into my wardrobe well. This is my 'official' April MAGAM sew.

April project photo

I actually finished enough of this top so that I could wear it to the class that I took with the designer Barb Callahan at the Worcester Sewing Expo earlier this month, but then decided to add the white front band since I'd not bothered to match the two fronts and the difference was much too obvious. Think that might have made the top look even better than the original design, though, so I'm pleased with my efforts.

A back view and a few more details are on my blog if you want to read more.

April Top Vogue 8977 done!

My animal print top is done and I'm very happy with it. The top was very easy to assemble and I'm reayy happy with the end result.
And the back
The fabric is a lovely silk ( I think from Tessutis )
More details are on sewandsewbytheseasea. I'm going to be definitely making this top again.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Shorts for April

This was a quick sew for a garment I didn't think I'd wear in April but did.  Hooray for a couple of surprisingly warm days after the grueling winter much of the US and Canada experienced.

These New Look 6100 shorts are comfy and fit perfectly right out of the package.  They don't look a darn thing like the picture on the pattern envelope.  Luckily I saw plenty of other people's versions and knew a bit what to expect.

Here's a shot with my top tucked in, which is not my first choice for styling.

Here it is with the top untucked.

And a rear shot simply to show how well it fits. No, that's not R2D2 behind me, it's the air conditioner!

The soft chambray denim draped nicely.  A second version of these shorts is planned for a stiffer fabric and I think I will need to narrow the legs or risk having them stick straight out.

My new April shirt!

Presenting my finished Sewing Workshop Siena Shirt!  I'm happy to have MAGAM to hold me accountable, because I doubt I would have finished otherwise.  Spring is the season for staying outdoors, and that isn't where I keep my sewing machine!

The shirt was made from a lightweight cotton blend found at JoAnn Fabrics this season.  I'm wearing them with Vogue 8883 pants made up in linen.  There are more details at my blog.

I'm still hoping to make a garment for April!

I've had a really busy month with family visits, daughter's graduation, grandsons with chickenpox, visits to family and elderly mother and so on. I did manage to make my older grandson a pair of shorts from an old pattern I picked up, slightly modified for today's style but don't have a photograph - he came down with chickenpox just after this and was probably already under the weather a bit; his younger brother already had chickenpox during the visit to us but was neither up not down with it, having just a few spots, too
I'm not going to be able to do the garment I had originally intended - that will be for next month. I thought I'd make my middle daughter the Winter Street Dress from Pattern review. No, this isn't my garment for April, well not quite. I don't like the look of the pattern - although it is supposed to sit at the natural waist , it is extremely short and more like an empire waistline. Many reviewers have mentioned this. I decided that if the waistline were in the 'correct' place, that this could be a suitable dress for me to test out using knit fabrics. Then, from what I learn, I will make my daughter one. This daughter is tall but not as tall as I am, and being rather younger, wears her skirts considerably shorter!

So, I am planning to sew the Winter Street Dress for me, using maroon stretch fabric (I don't know what the fabric composition is)

I have downloaded the pattern, printed it out and modified it. I have added quite considerably to the front bodice length, less so to the sides and very little to the back bodice. I have lengthened skirt. Arms are the same length as original pattern - I am doing the full length version. The above shows the fabric already cut out. I hope to get it sewn over the next few days as all the hard work is already done - at least I hope so! I didn't do a FBA so hope that will be okay - the pattern is made for a C cup.

Although I have downloaded a pattern previously, and printed it out, I have not previously put the pieces together and have never sewn from one. A knit dress, with a slightly stretchy fabric, is also a new area. I did a knit fabric dress previously but that was a stable knit with little or no stretch to it. You never know, rather than being a kind of muslin, I may well get a wearable dress out of this.

I may well post a few additional details on my blog, which has been sorely neglected over the last month.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

April 's MAGAM finished.. 4 out of 5 pairs of shorts!!

 I  have completed  4 pairs of simple pull on shorts.

I  had 5 pairs cut out, but ran out of elastic..[oops].
I wanted to post  before April was over.. But, I will
finish pair #5 ,when I get to the fabric store.

I  am so happy to  post a garment for April. May plans
coming soon. [a dress for me!]

 Happy sewing..

Dress Refashion

I call this the sad sack dress #2 plus the big white jeans refashion. I know creative. Basically I converted the white jeans into a bodice. I used a simplicity sew stylish pattern for that. The original plan went out the door when I realized it wasn't going to work so I took the bottom of a dress that was sad. Put the two together and got myself a great dress with pockets. I love pockets!
For more check out my blog here.


Thursday, April 24, 2014

April Dress In Progress

Hello everyone,
My April garment for Magam challenge will be a simple summer dress based on Burdastyle Sewing Vintage Modern - Louisa Drop Waist Dress size 34 - for dress bodice and self-drafted circle skirt. As I couldn't find my self-drafted circle skirt that I made some years ago, I hacked my self-drafted peplum top. I just added some more centimeters down to my knee :-)
I have done my muslin on Wednesday and as I don't have a lot of time for sewing, I will working on the dress little by little.
For the fabric, I will use 2.5 yards printed viscose , blogged here
Happy sewing to you all!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

MAGAM April Plan - Make Your Own Clothes - Wrap Skirt

OK  I just realized I did not follow the rules.  My previous post wasn't for me and I never posted my plans.

Sorry guys.  I'm a team player so here's my plan for April.


Check my blog for more info.


April Plans - Shorts for Me- Simplicity 1618

                                     Sorry I did not meet my challenge for  March..  I have
                                     been sewing though..   I made Easter dresses for my 
                                     granddaughters [4 of them] and  I just didn't have time
                                     to sew for me.. See them here.


                                     April's challenge is  a quick and easy  sew.. I  am 
                                     retired and during the summer months, I wear simple
                                     shorts/tees every day..  I  noticed mine were all getting
                                     really worn.. I have used this short pattern before. Easy                  
                                     and is a good fit... Great for  summer  comfortableness. 
Simplicity 1618

 5 pairs of shorts
cut out and ready to sew
[Denim,  Red drill,  light blue drill, tan  linen and some yellow denim]

                                              Next up.... Probably some  tee shirts?  But subject to change.

                                                           HAPPY   SEWING.

April Garment: Sharing the Gift

Here's my April garment:
$60 Prom Dress
I made this for my nephews girlfriend. There were quite a few firsts involved in this project. 
I didn't charge for the labor. The materials totaled about $60.

Check out the details on my blog

Starry Night Dress...Complete!!

I finally finished my March make! The Starry Night dress that had been giving me so much trouble finally gave in and let me finish. Thank goodness -- as it has turned out pretty well -- and I'm so glad it is done :)

And now for my April choice, LOL.

Orange pants done!

April - make a garment a month challenge.

Burda 8085.
Well I won't be running out to make these in a hurry again. I think they turned out quite nice. The husband likes them - he said I will be easy to find in the Casino! And Lola likes them! I will even wear them!
See details on my blog

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

April Garment all done!

Happy April fellow garment makers!

My garment for this month is complete. I made Butterick 5642 in a nice mid weight pink linen. Very happy with the way it turned out.

More information about the pattern and dress can be read about at my blog.

Daffodil jeans in April.

I tackled a pair of jeans for my April MAGAM challenge. I used the famous Jalie pattern and you can read all about it on my blog

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Accordion made something

Not a garment for me, or anyone else.

A new cover for my laptop. The elder lass kept nicking my old one. Eventually I gave up trying to retrieve it and made this instead. 

More on the blog. The fabrics were leftovers, the wadding, zip and thread all came from my stash. The pattern came from Dog Under My Desk. 

Cheers all!

My April Garment of the Month

I was able to get my planned garment complete-McCall's 6886.  I used a new to me type of knit, called scuba knit.  I purchased from EmmaOneSock.  The pattern is a simple one with only three pattern pieces.  Of course, I know longer have a shape that allows for sewing just right out of the envelope.  I had to make a FBA of 1.5 inches, my usual swayback, forward shoulder and high round upper back adjustments also.

During the fitting process I had a lot of pooling  in the back area right above the waist/hip area and ended up adding back darts to remove some of the fullness in the area above my back waist line.  Here are photos showing side view to see how the darts helped and the usual semi side view.

For more details around the sewing of this dress pattern, please feel free to go to my blog.

April Garment - Butterick 4443

Happy Easter!

So here is my April garment of the month - another version of Butterick 4443.

 I hope that you are all having a lovely Easter. You can check out the full review on my Blog.

April make

Hi this is my April make - a dress for work using simplicity 2474.

There is more info on my choice on my blog

Sew happy

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Late plans for April

Is anyone else falling hard for the new Colette patterns? The release of Mabel and Moneta and the Colette Guide to sewing knits were just what I needed to continue the serger saga. My plan for April is to make a Mabel pencil skirt.

More on plans and fabric can be found on my blog

Striped Maxi Skirt

I know this is not what I set out to accomplish this April but I wound up whipping it up before I went on travel. It was great for airplane travel.
For more information go and check out the blog.
Happy Saturday everyone!
Lauren :)

Friday, April 18, 2014

Sometimes .. Breaking up is hard to do

You know how sometimes you find the pattern,  then the fabric and you are just dreaming how Perfect the piece will turn out.  Then when you finally start sewing, you just might have to change your plans.  Read more about my disaster  at

Maureen's orange pants . April.

Make a garment a month challenge-April

Make A Garment A Month Challange,Fabricland,Lola,Burda

I have been drawn to orange lately. So I'm going to make some orange pants for spring. My husband has already given this fabric the hairy eyeball! And I think I have already made a boo-boo and cut the wrong size out , I've gained some weight since the last time I made pants and I just went for my usual size. I just might be able to fudge a few skimpy seam allowences so I'm going to go ahead with them anyways. I've sewn a lot of knits of late so it will be refreshing to sew a (some what) stable fabric. I am trying to challenge myself in two ways.1- to use more colour/and or prints. 2- to find myself a pant pattern that fits me well enough to become a go to pattern.
I cut out view A but I think if they fit I will probably convert them to the petal pushers view B . Rest assured, I will not be exposing my belly button and midriff !
I will be posting my progress on my blog Make more laundry
As I was trying to take a picture, Lola was trying to get some attention- she won. The fabric is a poly/cotton twill with a bit of Lycra - and it's orange. You might be able to see some in the back ground. I just bought it this month at Fabricland- so much for using up my stash, right? I'll call it my new stash.
I'm very happy to be participating in the Make A Garment A Month Challenge . I am new to Blogging, and really enjoy seeing what everyone is up to. I don't have friends that sew, and it's nice to know I'm not alone in my obsession. My people just don't get it! ( until they want something hemmed up of course).
Sew - wish me luck.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

You mean it's April already?

This is what I vowed to make in March:

I was planning on making the dress, adding piping to the neck and sleeve edges, and lining the skirt (oh, and adding pockets of course).... But I was stricken with the biggest case of sewer's block I've had for a LONG time.... I am planning on finishing this before April ends too! The full confession is at my blog...

A new shirt for April

As part of an on-going effort to streamline my wardrobe, for April I will be making a shirt whose colors  and style should make it a workhorse in my wardrobe.  I'm hopeful that this will not only coordinate with the skirts and pants in my closet, but will also work as a layer over other tops.

We shall see.

The top is the Siena shirt from The Sewing Workshop's Siena & Cortona Shirt pattern.  It is the pink one in the photo.

I've not made this top before, so I hope it will work for me.  Wish me luck!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

April Winifreds

Blueginger Doll's Winifreds were my April makes. I finally decided it was time to buy one of Abby's patterns and try it out.
I toyed with this pattern a bit.
And cutting both fabrics so they lined up took a wee bit of time was worth the effort.
Blueginger Doll has posted up a stack of posts to make your own version of Winifred. 
Fabric stash diving is what made these two dresses fun to work on.
My blog write up is here.
Take a look at the sewalong versions.

Monday, April 14, 2014

April Outfit Completed

Simplicity 2258 Jacket and Butterick 5459 dress in 100% aqua polyester as a wearable muslin. Too many wrinkles for a wearable muslin so I'll make it at a later date in another fabric.  


Here is my modest contribution for this month !
I'm going on holidays and I'll be back at the beginning of May.  No more sewing for  me during the next 3 weeks ! I hope that I'll find nice fabrics I'll bring back as souvenirs !

Happy sewing to everyone,