Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Late March plans

February was a bit of miss for me and I am late enough posting about my March plans that I have finished one of the two skirts.

I planned on making two skirts this month, both from the same navy wool fabric.  My Self Drafted TNT Pencil Skirt and Marfy 0757.

The pencil skirt is finished!

and the Marfy has taken a few backward steps but plan to finish it before the month finishes!

There is a little bit more information on my blog.


  1. That is a very classic look on you. Lovely.

  2. Seconding BeaJay here - your classics are so beautiful, and so nicely made.

  3. Its unanimous, I agree with BeaJay and Sarah Liz...great look and wonderful staple piece.

  4. Your skirt is lovely, as always!

  5. I love these pieces. I agree with the others.
    I've heard Marfy patterns are extremely difficult. Lovely fabric and I like the look of the pattern.