Friday, March 7, 2014

For March a dress

Well for me it's not spring sewing it's Autumn sewing, but seeing the weather at the moment is still like summer and we have a very short winter I feel I'm quite safe to make a dress. Can't decide between which pattern either Simplicity 1873 or the Emery Dress.
Anyway if it turns cold I can always wear a cardigan. More details on 


  1. What a wonderful fabric ! I do like the inspiration dress on your blog as well. As I don't know any of these patterns, I have no suggestion to do ! I'm looking forward to seeing your dress.

  2. How fortunate to have fabric in your hands that so closely matches the inspiration dress. If you choose the Cynthia Rowley, you really do need to muslin it. It would be a shame to waste that lovely material.

  3. I agree, take your time, and muslin. There is no rush - while a garment a month is a great goal, don't rush and ruin something - carry it into the next month. You are right, autumn here is mild and a nice transitional dress and cardigan will work well.

  4. Love the fabric and yes take your time to choose the right dress as this fabric will be stunning as a dress, as your inspiration shows!